Things You Need To Know About Concrete

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Concrete is a common item found in many construction sites. Whether in huge batches for big projects or in small amounts for smaller-scale undertakings, concrete is an important part of the construction process. But what exactly is it about the material that makes it a must for every contractor or professional to use? See below for things you need to know about concrete.

How is concrete mixed and used in construction?

Concrete is made by mixing cement, water, and aggregates such as slag, sand, and gravel. Once the material is ready to use, it’s again mixed with just enough water to help harden it (in a process called hydration) for various structures. Because fresh concrete is liquidy in nature, it needs to be contained (also known as forming) using smooth plywood to avoid it being runny when laid on the structure. Afterward, they are then reinforced using steel rebars for strength and avoiding cracks. The concrete is then finished or smoothened through screeding while wet and floating while dry.

Why is concrete good for construction?

Using concrete has many benefits to a construction site. For one, it’s pliant and easily shaped, making it quite versatile for various types of projects (so long as you form or contain it properly). It’s also quite high when it comes to compressive strength, meaning that it’s resistant to forces pushing it together. Lastly, it’s budget-friendly while also being long-lasting and non-flammable, making it a great addition if you’re looking to create structures that stand the test of time.

Where is concrete used?

Because of the benefits stated above, concrete is used in a variety of different structures. It’s included in the construction process of tall buildings, residential areas, bridges, roads, railways, and the like. It’s also a key part of building pipes, drains, and more. In short, nearly every structure you’re aware of is made from concrete, proving its prevalence in the industry among builders.

If you want to make use of this material in your construction projects, make sure you have the right equipment to mix and process them effectively, such as a concrete pump. This machine helps pump and transfer liquid concrete to a site. At Monark Equipment, we have great concrete pumps for sale in the Philippines of varying types for your project’s needs. Order or rent one now!

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