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Lester Sears founded Towmotor Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio in 1919. It was a time when most things relied on brute manpower, especially when it came to the loading and unloading of goods. Like its name suggests, a Towmotor® was a type of industrial tractor that pulled and pushed carts in, out and around warehouses and factories, which greatly increased productivity.

Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire 2.0-3.0 ton


All Towmotor® diesel forklifts are built with a hefty and reliable 44kw engine, which means high lifting and travel speeds for all applications. Towmotor forklifts power plants and transmissions are made in the company’s own factories to exacting standards and will provide many years of reliable service.

​Towmotor gasoline forklift trucks are equipped with the renowned K25 dual fuel engine with the flexibility of either using gasoline or LPG. Towmotor forklifts also incorporate a full floating power train. Full floating power trains are more reliable, distribute load better and creates less wear on the axle and transmission components.


​Unlike some other forklifts, Towmotor forklifts frames and chassis are fully welded—first by a precision robot and then hand finished by a welding professional. Welding helps create a stronger vehicle that won’t twist or strain under high load factors—ensuring continuous, trouble free operation.

Towmotor also puts all its forklifts through hours of rigorous testing before they ever leave the factory floor. Since the frame, chassis, engine and transmission are built and assembled in Towmotor’s own factory under strict quality controls, owners can be assured of a high quality, reliable machine that will provide trouble free operation for years to come.

Towmotor Power Pallet Trucks

1.2-2.5 ton

An innovative award winner of the red dot design, the TOWMOTOR POWER PALLET
TRUCK is a highly customizable electric powered pallet truck model, competent of
handling 1.2T up to 2.5T loading capacity with its lightweight and ergonomic chassis

Design to improve productivity, and ease operator from physical fatigue, the TOWMOTOR
POWER PALLET TRUCK is capable of enduring a much longer operational hours
shuttling form point to point safely and conveniently deployed at anywhere,
and anytime!

Easy Maintenance and Serviceability
* Hassle free drive wheel tire replacement by releasing six lock nuts which take
approximately 10 minutes.
* Easy battery replacement.
* CURTIS operated system allows quick fault diagnosis.

Standard Built-in Charger
* Convenient for onboard charging even on the move on the trailer end,
* Exists with a temperature indicator that prevents battery from overcharging.
* Comes with a standard 65Ah* maintenance free batteries.
(Option is available for bigger battery size up to 85Ah)

Ergonomic Handling
* Fully integrated control buttons enhance ease of control over the electric lifting
and lowering of forks with up to 115mm lift height.

V Side Stabilizer
* To act a side counterbalance to prevent truck from toppling sideways due to an
even terain or uneven load weight distribution.

Anti-vibration Technology for Batteries
* To extend maintenance free batteries operational life cycle.

Enhanced Security
* Exclusive pin pad unit is now a standard feature to limit unauthorized usage.

Towmotor Power Stacker

1.2-1.5 ton

The NSP Series is a highly cost efficient truck that operates on low cost maintenance
free batteries, has justified its niche positioning is capable of delivering the same quality
lift without compromising it’s reliability.

Quality Protection
* Full protective enclosures enhances the truck resistance to elements corrosion or damage
to the internal electric components.
* Quality AMP Connectors and durable electrical wiring were adopted to reduce posibility of
electric parts from malfunctioning.
* Automatic speed reduction feature when the forklift exceeds the present lifting height.

Ergonomic Handling
* Long Tiller arm design helps to facilitate short turning radius with reduced human effort to
maneuver the truck easily.

Easy Serviceability
* CURTIS operated system allows quick trouble shooting.

Built-in Charger
* Equipped with a standard 10 Amp built-in charger facilities convenient charger of batteries by
simply plugging into any wall sockets.

Easy Battery Access
* Detachable front cover for easy access to the maintenance free batteries for a quick inspection
or replacement.
(Option is available for bigger battery size up to 120Ah)

Standard Battery Discharge Indicator
* Automatically cuts off the lift function if the battery level hits 20% or below.


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