Safety Tips on using Heavy Equipment

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” which certainly holds true for all our activities, particularly when it comes to operating machines. Even though machines come equipped with safety features, it’s crucial for operators to consistently follow safety protocols.

Take note of these safety tips when using heavy equipment:


  • Prevent Operator Injuries


it is important to do a walk-around first.  Check if the machine is in a safe location.  If the unit is not in safe area for operating, stop and make the necessary adjustments. Afterward, inspect the machine thoroughly. Bring a check list while doing the walk around – check for fluid levels, leaks, undercarriage irregularities, and other possible issues.


Many operator injuries occur during entry and exit from the machine. Be alert around your surroundings to avoid slips, trips, or falls. Ensure that boots are clean and free from mud or slippery substances. Move cautiously and face the machine, maintaining three points of contact when entering or exiting. Utilize foot pads, steps, and handrails consistently. Always wear a seat belt and required personal protective equipment (PPE). During operation, adopt a comfortable position to minimize injury and fatigue.


  • Maintain cleanliness

Regular cleaning is crucial for machine maintenance and safety. Remove debris buildup to prevent fires, particularly after shutdown when the machine is unattended. Clean debris from underneath the machine and around the engine area. Remove any clutter or animal nests daily before starting up the machine. Keep your handrails, steps, mirrors and cameras clean, and keep all service access panels closed and latched.


  • Understand Safety Features by heart

Familiarize yourself with your machine’s safety features. Your cab is equipped with rollover and falling-object protection. Always engage articulation locks during service and machine transportation.


Learn about tie-down locations to secure the machine effectively. For any emergency, cut your power with the master disconnect, or use the fuel cutoff to prevent fire.

In addition, ensure that a fire extinguisher is properly installed.


Create a safer work environment by minimizing risks and being safe at all times.


A Safety Reminder from your Monark Family.





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