Why Buy Used Equipment at Monark?

Do you have an upcoming project and have a limited budget? Have you been asking where you should look for quality and affordable used equipment? With so many providers offering used heavy equipment for sale, it can be challenging to look through everything and decide where to buy your machines from. At Monark, we aim to be true partners of customers, by providing solutions for the best value.

Let us provide you with insight on why Monark is the best choice to get your equipment from.

Trusted Brand That Offers Quality And Durability

Monark offers Cat Certified Used machines that are known for their quality, durability, and performance. With Cat machines, being a trusted brand that spans decades of top services around the globe, contractors are sure to enjoy efficient equipment that helps them deliver their projects skillfully and on time.

Thorough Inspection All-around

Our inspection process is thorough and strict to ensure no issues arise upon the use of this equipment. Monark employs a 140-point inspection method to determine any flaws in each machine. The parts of every unit are inspected until every component is marked as ‘Good’, after which the equipment is declared as a Cat Certified Used brand. If issues are found, they are fixed using genuine Cat parts only.

Furthermore, each unit comes with a customer value agreement alongside preventive maintenance. This assures buyers that machines undergo necessary repairs before usage. We also provide the service history of each machine so you’re aware of what maintenance measures it has undergone.

Extended warranty

Used equipment that comes with a warranty? Monark surely ensures to provide only the best, with a guarantee. With the Caterpillar Equipment Protection Plan (EPP), more than 70 components are protected. This extends the warranty and helps you save up on repair and maintenance costs. Longevity is a priority so customers can maximize their purchased used equipment up to the end of its life.

Remote connectivity

Cat Certified Used machines are equipped with the latest technology, for free. Through My.Cat.Com, you can easily view your machine’s status, idle time against working hours, location, fuel use, health, and utilization. The best part is that you can access these no matter where you are, allowing you to view data immediately and make the best decisions quickly.

With all these benefits when you buy our used equipment, Monark is definitely the way to go. Visit our website at https://monark-cat.com/used/used-cat-machine-product/ to get started on purchasing quality used machines. Aside from used equipment, Monark also offers brand new machines, rental services, and unparalleled product support for your construction project needs.

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