Rough Terrain Cranes

Tadano Rough Terrain Crane
ModelLift Capacity  Boom + Jib
GR-130EX 13t x 1.5m 5.30m – 23.80m
GR-300EX 30t x 3.0m9.70m – 31.00m
GR-500EXS 50t x 2.5m 10.20m – 33.00m
GR-500EXL 51t x 2.5m 11.10m – 42.00m
GR-600EX 60t x 3.0m 11.00m – 43.00m
GR-800EX 80t x 3.0m 12.00m – 47.00m
GR-1100EX 110t x 2.5m 12.00m – 56.00m
GR-1450EX145t x 2.5m13.10m – 61.00m
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