Allied Brands: Why Are They Valuable?

In the search for construction equipment, you’ll encounter a lot of sellers that just sell any available brand they can sell. And then there are those, like Monark, who have allied brands partnered with them. This means that they are contracted to offer the specified brands’ products, whether they be crane trucks, concrete pumps, aerial equipment, and forklifts for sale in the Philippines.

Now you may think that there’s no difference as both types of distributors provide branded equipment anyway. But here’s why you should opt for companies that have allied brands.

Trusted providers

If you see well-known brands partnered with a provider, this is a good sign that said provider is trustworthy. Big brands are extremely unlikely to associate themselves with a seller that has a less than stellar track record. Not only that, but having these huge names as part of their repertoire of equipment means that their products are top-notch and reliable, adding to the credibility of said seller.

Access to the latest products

Aside from the overall improved image of a provider because of these allied brands, this also means that any of the latest offerings of said brands, the seller has. Having access to new models, either for sale or for rent, can give you the advantage in the very competitive construction industry. New and improved machinery can help you offer the best services to your clients, which is why getting them from an allied provider can be more beneficial in the long run.

Lots of options

If a seller is in partnership with one well-known company, odds are that they’re also in partnership with other big names in the industry. This gives you access to a wide array of products from different but all top-quality brands. As the head of a construction site, it’s important to have all these equipment from different brands at your disposal. Some brands may specialize in one type of equipment, while others offer another type. If you want to be an effective contractor, you have to be able to offer various services, which you can do so through a diverse set of machines.

At Monark Equipment, we partner with different construction brands such as TadanoPutzmeister, CAT Lift trucks, Genie, Terex, and Sika to give construction professionals the quality their projects entail. By choosing to buy or rent with us, you get a wide array of equipment choices from great brands provided by a proven and trustworthy seller. Contact us now!

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