Boom Lifts: The Genie Advantage

Choose to go up, around, and over the top.

Reach great heights with the high-power performance and reliability of Genie® articulating and telescopic boom lifts. You may choose from a fleet of boom lifts that are engine-powered, bi-energy, hybrid, and electric depending on the job at hand or your business’ operations. Whether you need to work on rough terrains, the great outdoors, and even indoors, a boom lift from Genie® can help you get the job done the safe and proper way.

Genie® Articulating Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts are most ideal for industrial applications and outdoor construction. There are currently several Z™ models to choose from with a wide range of working heights from 36 feet up to 141 feet. Expect better productivity and convenience on the job with such a versatile boom lift that can operate and combine varieties of positioning and outreach. Whether you’re using it for warehouse lighting fixtures, or airport indoor maintenance, there’s a Genie® Articulating Boom Lift for you.

The Genie® Articulated Boom Engine comes in Z™-34/221C – ZX™ 135/70 models that you may choose from depending on your needs. The Z™-34/22 IC offers more than 40 feet in working height, over 22 feet in horizontal reach, and more than 14 feet of up and over clearance. On the other hand, ZX™-135/70 offers 141 feet in working height, more than 69 feet in horizontal reach, and over 75 feet in up and over clearance. There are models in between to choose from as well.

Its primary capabilities include the following:

  • Most models offer a tight turning radius and zero tails wing, which makes the Genie® Articulated Boom Engine easy to maneuver even in confined areas.
  • Features such as two- or four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and rough terrain are also available.
  • Expect excellent torque, power, terrainability, and gradeability from its powerful yet quiet diesel engine.
  • Most models offer an active oscillating axle that’s very useful for traction on rough terrains. All models also come with a full-time positive drive traction system.
  • Non-jib models offer a 90-degree self-leveling platform rotation.
  • For larger working ranges, jib boom models are also available.

If you’re looking for articulated boom lifts that are quiet and emission-free but still powerful enough for industrial and outdoor construction applications, you may check the models available for Genie® DC and Bi-Energy machines.

Genie® Telescopic Boom Lifts

If the largest model of articulated boom lifts offers only up to 69 feet of horizontal reach, expect wider horizontal reach of up to 80 feet with Genie® Telescopic Boom Lifts (models S™-105 and above). Choose from S™40 – SX – 180 models that offer working heights of 46 feet to 186 feet and lift capacity of 500 to 1,000 pounds, depending on the model. The main difference of telescoping boom lifts, articulated boom lifts, and other aerial platforms is the wide horizontal reach you can get from telescopic booms. It is most ideal for operations in limited-access areas and working areas with tight spaces. Among its capabilities are the following:

  • Genie® Telescopic Boom Lifts are best for construction and industrial operations in limited access areas.
  • Enjoy better maneuvering even in tight spaces with the Genie® Telescopic Boom Lifts’ minimal tail swing features.
  • Models of the Genie® Telescopic Boom Lifts are available in dual-fuel options of gas or LPG, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor operations.
  • Improve productivity with traction and drive speed.

For assistance in choosing the best Genie® Boom Lift for your business, contact Monark today!

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