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It’s been over six decades since Tadano developed the first hydraulic crane in Japan. Since then, the company continued to play an important role in the history of cranes. Today, it is one of the most respected brands not only in its country of origin but in many other places across the world.

Tadano is the brand of choice for cranes because of the powerful performance and durability of their products and equipment. With years of continuous research and hard work, they continued to develop and add new Tadano cranes to their lineup to help increase productivity and improve convenience in the workplace for their customers.

Tadano Cranes: Creation, Contribution, Cooperation

Sozo (creation), Hoshi (contribution), and Kyoryoku (cooperation) is the corporate philosophy of Tadano. They believe that success comes from cooperation within the company and the people they deal with outside of their organization such as their customer. Through this cooperation, they can create and deliver valuable products, services, and technologies to their customers.

Tadano currently manufactures a variety of cranes. Depending on the type and location of work, there is a Tadano crane that’s perfect for any business. All Tadano cranes are mobile, which means that they carry a mounted hydraulic mechanism. Because it is easier to transport, working with a Tadano crane effectively increases productivity.

All Terrain Cranes

A Tadano All Terrain Crane is very versatile. Because it offers highway speed capacity and efficient maneuverability, it can be used for both industrial projects and off-road construction jobs. Use it in confined spaces conveniently, thanks to its all-wheel steering feature.

Depending on the model, its maximum lifting capacity is 40 tons up to 400 tons while the maximum boom length is 35.2 meters to 68 meters.

Rough Terrain Cranes

Although these Rough Terrain Cranes do not drive as fast as All Terrain Cranes while on the road, these are still convenient enough to transport. It has a single cab that’s used both for lifting operation and driving. Since it is a compact model, it offers good maneuverability that can get work done even in narrow spaces.

The smallest model has up to 12 tons of crane capacity while the largest one has a 145-ton crane capacity. Boom lengths depending on the model are 23.8 meters to 61 meters.

Truck-Mounted Cranes

There are currently three standard models of Tadano Truck-Mounted Cranes. These are the cranes that are most ideal for long-distance travel – there’s one cab for driving and another for operating. Crane capacities range from 30 tons to 60 tons with boom lengths of 34 meters to 43 meters, depending on the model.

Telescoping Crawler Cranes

The Telescopic Crawler Crane is designed especially for narrow spaces and compact work conditions because it can turn and slew by up to 360 degrees. For quick and safe setup, this crane is exactly what you need since you don’t have to prepare mats and outriggers anymore. Its crane capacity is 27 tons to 120 tons with boom lengths of 24.4 meters up to 47.2 meters depending on the crane model.

With Tadano cranes, all jobs are possible. Reach greater heights while enjoying increased work productivity. With topnotch durability, high-quality build, ease of use, and exceptional customer support, you’re making an excellent choice with Tadano. Contact Monark for details!

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