Reduce Operating Costs with Fleet Management Today!

Imagine having a vast fleet of used equipment at your disposal. Naturally, you’d want to find out how to utilize your construction machines best. After all, every minute these are used can cost businesses hundreds, if not thousands, of pesos in fuel and repair costs in this industry.

There are many ways to reduce operating fees, but not all work consistently. However, with fleet management technology, businesses can efficiently minimize the costs that come along with such handling equipment. This CAT-approved technology also makes the most out of every machine. Not only does it benefit you from a financial standpoint, but also helps improve fleet performance without the need for fancy upgrades or sensitive changes.

What is Fleet Management Technology

The best way to describe construction fleet management is that its primary goal is to reduce equipment operating costs while improving performance no matter where or what task. With this tech, you’ll also gain valuable insight into how your heavy machines operate to know what’s working and what’s not.

Essentially, you’re saving money and learning more about your heavy equipment at the same time, hitting two birds with one stone, and it’s all thanks to CAT!

Main Advantages of Fleet Management Technology 

With fleet management technology, you’ll be able to address common issues efficiently through preventive maintenance checks. This kind of streamlined maintenance ensures that everything functions properly, which prevents future delays or breakdowns.

Another advantage of fleet management technology involves the gradual improvement of operator behavior. This means the tech can help operators plan better and avoid aggressive maneuvers, aiding the analysis of routes to take and the ones to avoid. They also help in progressing driver safety thanks to their real-time alert system. These benefits significantly improve fuel savings in the long run. At the same time, it gives businesses better oversight on what’s better for them and their machines. 

Other Advantages

The core of fleet management advantages lies in better work efficiency. But beyond that, the technology does a fine job of improving worker and client satisfaction overall. Delays may be a thing of the past with fleet management, but such a thing can only be possible with a well-trained team. The impact they make in the industry should never be understated. 

Monark-CAT is well aware of its role in the industry, which is why they encourage fleet commanders to use such technologies to improve the way they work in the field. Maximizing businesses’ money’s worth is why Monark is known in the industry. That way, even a fleet of used heavy machines can operate at twice their expected performance. 

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Monark Equipment Corporation is the leading Cat® dealership and heavy equipment supplier in the Philippines. Established in 1962, it continues to be at the forefront of the country’s construction sector, committed to providing excellent and internationally acclaimed brands in heavy machinery and power systems machines for diverse construction projects and industries.

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