CAT® AP455 Steel Track Asphal Paver

The Cat® AP455 Steel Track Asphalt Paver delivers excellent traction and mobility as-well-as, easy set-up, and a wide paving range, making it the perfect fit for urban streets, parking lots, rural roads and many other small to intermediate-type applications.


Compact Size With Big Opportunities

• The compact size and small footprint simplify maneuverability in tight spaces for efficient work in urban-type applications • Tight 90º turning capability enables the paver to rotate and cover
tracks on a return paving pass.
• Standard paving range utilizing the SE47 VT screed is 2.4 m – 4.7 m (7′ 10″ – 15′ 4″) with a maximum width of 6.0 m (19′ 8″).
• Paving depths up to 300 mm (12″) supports aggregate paving


Transport Made Easy
• Machine weight of 15.6 mt (34,341 lb) paver and screed combination enables easy transport on a variety of trailer types.
• Length of less than 5.6 m (18′ 4″) and width of 2.55 m (8′ 4″) accommodates machine transport without special permits in many regions.
• When equipped with 225 mm (9′) extensions, transport width is 3m (10′) and paving width extends to 5.1 m (16′).
• The front-loading angle of 17º and high front bumper clearance reduces the need for additional blocking when loading onto various trailer designs.
• Raising or retracting the canopy is fast and easy with both electric or manual options available
• Front, middle, and rear tie-down locations make securing the paver efficient for quick travel to the next job site.


 Exceptional Mobility With Fast Travel Speed
• Steel track undercarriage provides exceptional mobility, outstanding traction, and smooth travel for unmatched maneuverability around the job site.
• Counter-rotating tracks provide excellent maneuverability in tight quarters.
• Automatic track tensioning system, double carrier rollers and track guide plates help ensure the tracks are properly aligned and tensioned to provide smooth travel.
• Triple grouser track shoes with profiled polyurethane pads provide strength and durability while also delivering smooth travel and minimal base disturbance on uneven surfaces.
• Efficient track plow design pushes material away from the tracks and helps eliminate density variations caused by track compression.


Smooth Material Flow
• Variable speed, single amplitude tamper system with variable frequency screed plate vibration delivers excellent material flow and tight mat textures.
• Low truck entry height and short front apron enhances material flow while simplifying clean-out.
• Feeder system design with 355 mm (14″) diameter augers provides consistent material flow across the screed for efficient flow at both narrow and wide paving widths.
• Narrow auger chamber keeps material moving and helps eliminate stagnate patches.
• Independent control of each material feed sensor, simply turn off the sensor for manual proportional feed control.


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