Over-the-Counter via BPI Express Assist
(Kiosk in Branch)

1. Tap home screen and select “Bills Payment”
2. Select “Other Merchants”
3. Input customer reference number (Unique Customer ID provided by Monark). When done, tap “Next”
4. Select type of transaction (Cash or Check)
5. If cash was selected, enter amount and tap “Next”. If check was selected, enter amount and tap “Next”
6. Screen will display your Customer Reference Number and Amount (Cash/Check) you encoded to confirm. If correct, tap “Next” If Incorrect, tap CANCEL then you will go back to the 2nd screen and follow procedure again.
7. BEA machine will ask you if you have another transaction. if Yes TAP YES Button then BEA Machine will go back to the Second Screen again (image2). If None, Tap the NO button then BEA Machine will show you your Queuing Number. Please see below then Tap OK.

Online Banking via BizLink

1. Maker logs into BPI BizLink. Goes to Menu: Payments and transfers > Pay Bills > Create Pay Bills
2. Choose “Single” if only 1 payment transaction will be made. Choose “Multiple” if more than 1.
3. Provide the information needed for the transaction.

a. Amount to pay (Amount)
b. Account where the funds will be debited (Pay From)
c. Merchant (Pay this Merchant)
d. Reference Number (Subscriber Number)
e. Remarks
4. Select a Payment Schedule for the schedule of execution of the transaction.

f. Pay Now (Immediate). Payment will be debited as soon as transaction is approved.
g. Pay On (Post-dated). Enter the desired transaction date.
h. Pay Every (Recurring). Enter the Frequency (Daily, Weekly or Monthly), date range and time. For the Weekly run, you will also be asked to specify the day when the transaction will be fulfilled. For Monthly run, you will be asked to specify the date per month when the transaction will be executed.

If creating multiple transactions, click Save if you intend to re-use the transaction details. Click Save and Clear if new details will be entered for the subsequent transactions.
5. Click Next Step to proceed to the confirmation page
6. Review the details and click Submit to proceed to the Acknowledgement page. Click Back to return to the Pay Bills creation page.
7. Click Save Template if transaction details will be saved for future use.
8. Click Submit to proceed
9. Transaction details will be displayed in the acknowledgement page and the transaction is now routed for review / approval of the next Approver specified in the approval workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available contactless modes of payment?

Contactless payment for products, parts, services can be done at your preferred bank kiosks, mobile banking, mobile application, bank online bills payment, and Gcash scan to pay.

What banks are included?

Philippine National Bank (PNB) – over the counter payment
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) – over the counter thru BPI EXPRESS ASSIST kiosk & online (BIZLINK)
Union Bank – over the counter
Security Bank – over the counter & Real-Time Electronic Payment System (REPS)
BDO Unibank – over the counter & online banking

What do I need to prepare/provide when doing an over-the-counter payment transaction?

Just provide the CUSTOMER REFERENCE NUMBER (6-digit customer number found in the invoice) CUSTOMER NAME, and AMOUNT TO BE PAID

Will you still issue collection and/or official receipts?

Yes. Original receipt will be sent upon delivery/pick up of products, parts, service, or through motorized collectors and other courier channels (ex: LBC, JRS, Grab, Lalamove, etc.)

Who can I call for further questions?

Concerns regarding Customer Reference number, please contact Monark Finance thru
Sheila Pasicolan – 0917-597-5199

For technical concerns on the mode of payment chosen, please refer to the bank hotlines below.
Bank Partner Hotline number for enrollment & technical concerns:
(+632) 8573-8888

For corporate customer using BPI Bizlink:
7918-2000 Option 1
Available from Monday - Friday except holidays

Corporate customers needing assistance beyond Client Servicing hours:

For Corporate Accounts, Customer may contact their Branch-of-Account / Cash Management Sales Manager for enrollment requirement and procedure if they need further assistance.

For Bills Payment of Security Bank Online (Retail / Individual Customers)
Landline Number:
(02) 8887-9188
PLDT Toll-Free* number:

(+632) 8841-8600

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