Trial # 9: PACMAN

PAC-MAN™ is iconic; one of the most famous video games ever developed. And Caterpillar is bringing it back center stage, 40 years after its release, as only the Cat® Trials can: at a scale of epic proportions! The Cat® Trial #9 puts Pac-Man and the ghosts back on the board. It brings the virtual world into a live action version of the popular video game.

The goal is simple: gobble up all the pellets before the ghosts can get you. The classic, electronic chase scene features some unique power pellets and bonuses that only Cat® Dealers can provide. So, you’re watching so much more than a reimagined version of the game; it highlights the technology, the versatility, the agility and the power you demand in the real world.

Trial # 8: DOMINOES

In “Dominoes,” 2,700 handmade domino tiles fall perfectly into line with the help of genuine Cat® parts.

Trial # 7: TUG OF WAR

In “Tug of War,” professional strongman, actor and a “mountain” of a man, Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson, takes on a Cat® D10T Dozer in an epic tug of war.


In “Driving Range,” Japanese professional golfers Emiro and Marimo Ikeuchi tackle a desert golf course made entirely of moving Cat® Machines.


With the help of Cat® power, residents of China’s remote Yuhu Village experience the wonder of the Lantern Festival

Trial # 4: SAND CASTLE

The Cat® Trials hit the beach to go for a new world record.

Trial # 3: CHINA SHOP

The “China Shop” video features an operator maneuvering his Cat® 301.7 CR Mini Excavator with the poise of a matador through a crowded shop stocked with over $40,000 in delicate merchandise.

Trial # 2: GRAVITY

Cat® B15 Smartphone defies “Gravity” to prove it belongs.

Trial # 1: STACK

When we play blocks, we play BIG. “Stack” pits five heavy equipment operatos against a mountain of massive wood JENGA® blocks – the largest board game ever played with Cat® equipment.