Why we don’t need an industrial revolution from the past?

History tells us that the industrial revolution is a thing of the past but is that really true? What will make the industry better, healthier and safer amidst various concerns including the call for climate responsibility? The thing is we don’t really need an industrial revolution from the past because there is a brand new kind of industrial revolution – Renewable Energy Revolution.

Sustainable Development Through Renewable Energy

Studies clearly show that the Earth is getting hotter and the climate is changing rapidly. Although the United States drop out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change this does not mean that it is a place. Caterpillar is introducing a renewable energy revolution that makes sustainable progress possible.

This new industrial revolution of sorts keeps your industries producing, communities developing, and people connected. Caterpillar is at the forefront of the energy transition, integrating renewable power with smart energy storage and conventional diesel or gas fuelled power generation.

Did you know that the Cat® Microgrid system is the recipient of the 2017 POWER magazine commercial and industrial generation award? It was one of the most highly acclaimed developments in the industry of renewable energy. The Cat Microgrid system, which contains both photovoltaic solar modules and energy storage

Through this system, it provides:

  • Increased energy efficiency with no reliance on the grid and optimal total cost of ownership.
  • An efficient power that can be produced where and when it’s needed without transmission lines and transformer losses.
  • High performance, scalable system designed and built using standardized building blocks that are easy and quick to install even in challenging environments.

Unparalleled Partnership for Renewable Energy

“We are excited to announce this alliance, underpinned by First Solar’s 10 gigawatts of global experience in solar energy, and coupled with Caterpillar’s knowledge of generator sets and distributed power, and the strength of our unmatched dealer network. By working with First Solar, we will optimize the efficiency and integration of solar power with our offerings.” – Steve Niehaus, Caterpillar Vice President with responsibility for the Electric Power Division.

​The strategic alliance between Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) and First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) is set to develop an integrated photovoltaic (PV) solar solution for microgrid applications. The two companies commit to helping one another in providing one of the most innovative renewable energy platforms. First Solar will design and manufacture a pre-engineered turnkey package for use in remote microgrid applications, such as small communities and mine sites. The package will feature Cat-branded solar panels manufactured by First Solar and will include a balance of system components.

Caterpillar will exclusively sell and support the integrated solution featuring Cat-branded solar panels through its worldwide Cat dealer network, along with its current offerings of generator sets and energy storage. Acting as a central source, Monark will be uniquely positioned to provide customers with this fully integrated and supported single solution in the large and rapidly growing microgrid market today.

Monark-Cat to Provide Solar Power Solution in the Philippines

​Monark, as the local dealer of Caterpillar in the Philippines, will open up a great opportunity for better renewable energy options in the Philippines. Using these microgrids will enable us to provide value to prime power diesel and gas customers by integrating renewable energy, such as solar power, with generator sets. Through these solutions, we can deliver reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy for customers.

If you are a company in the manufacturing sector or any other industry who wants to switch to a renewable energy source then this is the solution.

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