Why Trust Cat Certified Used Equipment?

We give value to every machine we produce.

Having trust issues with used equipment? We get you. It’s never easy to invest in something that has been heavily used for a certain amount of time. Worst case scenario: it might come with serious mechanical issues that will force you to spend more than your initial expenses. But when it comes to used mechanical equipment, all you need to do is rely on a brand that’s worth the trust—CAT Certified Used Equipment.

At Monark, we give CAT used equipment unparalleled service and maintenance to give you the confidence you need while you’re on the field. Still not convinced? Here’s a rundown of what goes on behind the service and maintenance to make sure that every machine delivers optimal performance.

Problem #1: How do we know that the equipment wasn’t used for a long time?
MONARK SOLUTION: We make sure that the machines we offer have been used for a low amount of hours, and are less than five years old. We also make sure that tires, undercarriage, and ground engaging tools are not overused.

Problem #2: Who will oversee the maintenance of the equipment?
MONARK SOLUTION: This will be maintained by Monark’s CAT Certified Technicians equipped with the latest tools and technology.

Problem #3: Will you be transparent about the history of the equipment?
MONARK SOLUTION: Not only will we provide equipment maintenance history, we will also follow the CAT standard type of maintenance.

Problem #4: What kind of parts will you use for the repairs?
MONARK SOLUTION: We say no to fake parts! Every repair will be performed with 100% CAT parts and accessories.

Problem #5: Any type of warranty for used equipment?
MONARK SOLUTION: Yes! You’ll have access to a minimum 6-month powertrain and hydraulics warranty.

Problem #6: Aside from maintenance history, what are the other types of information do you provide to assure customers that CAT used equipment is still worth the investment?
MONARK SOLUTION: We provide expert analysis and recommendations supported by Equipment Management Systems or EMSolutions Level 3: ADVISE to help you learn more about the equipment before you make a big decision.

Problem #7: Do you still provide monthly updates about the performance of the equipment?
MONARK SOLUTION: Yes. Expect a monthly report with service/inspection history, fluid analysis, machine, and operator induced fault codes.

Problem #8: Who will accommodate us if there are minor or major issues after we purchase the machine?
MONARK SOLUTION: Monark has a group of monitoring analysts who are dedicated for immediate concerns.

We understand that there will be times that a project will have limited budget for equipment, but remember that you don’t need to settle for anything less. This is the reason why Monark provides the best of CAT Certified Used Equipment. The greatest returns of investing in our line of used equipment are the confidence to achieve your vision and the assurance that the people who will use the machine is in good hands.

Log on to https://www.monark-cat.com/ for more information of CAT Certified Used Equipment.

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