Global warming is upon us and it’s scary. This thing has been quite unstoppable, despite a lot of efforts to try to at least lessen its apparent effects on the planet and its inhabitants. We are at an age where putting an end to global warming is impossible.

Impossible until one started acting right. In the construction industry, an industry that is affected and greatly affects global warming, an extensive campaign to promote a healthy working environment is always at play. This is very evident on the use of renewable energy when it comes to products and materials.

In line with the Global Warming and Climate Change Consciousness Week celebrated every November 19 to 25 annually, here are the reasons why every construction company should be investing in renewable energy:

Use of renewable energy are all about saving for the long term and giving way to a more comfortable living environment.

​Since using renewable energy yields little to no emissions that can contribute to global warming, it proves to be beneficial to the climate, which is the direct target of global warming. It’s a domino effect, once the climate starts heating up and cooling down unsettlingly and without warning, it’s the health of the people that are being put to test. And the economy follows.
​Utilizing renewable energy isn’t that complicated. Most of the time, it’s common sense applied to design. Newer building designs are generally smarter and more energy efficient. One way to make a building design smart without design overhaul is to take note of its orientation and window location. One can change the orientation at least 30 degrees of true South. If it doesn’t permit you to make such orientation, an orientation of 15 degrees is optimal. As for windows, putting windows on the south side allows the building to absorb more energy given off by the sun. It’s an option that costs nothing and cuts off on the annual costs for the building’s conventional heating methods. And let’s face it, natural light is good for the health.

It’s all about conserving energy in the most taken for granted situations.

Since a building is somewhat a closed and boxed space, the amount of electricity used is quite astounding. Utilizing daylight or the use of natural light in a building substantially lessens the cost and need for electric lights and definitely provides an improved visual condition of the space.
It provides a lot of benefits for the climate, people’s health and world economy.

​Using renewable energy in construction, various creative solutions that incorporate ways to a smarter energy use were created. There’s the CAT® Hybrid Microgrid Solutions that is designed to reduce fuel expenses and lessen harmful emissions. It’s a generator that integrates renewable power and smart energy storage. The use of this innovation results in lower electricity costs and usage which is a great advantage for the climate, people and economy.

The need to integrate the use of renewable energy in any architectural design and construction of buildings is crucial now more than ever. At an age where every vacant lot is converted into a commercial or industrial building, it’s time to take responsibility over actions that permanently affect not just a bunch of people, but the whole of what and who are still living.

Know more about CAT® Hybrid Microgrid Solutions.

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