Why Do You Need VisionLink?

Time is precious. Learn to work smarter and harder with this life-changing technology.

Need an easier way to take charge of your equipment with all types of available devices? Make it possible to manage, monitor, and maintain your equipment with a few taps of your devices only with VisionLink. How does it make your machine life better? Read on to know more.

VisionLink Unified Suite comes with four applications:

  • VisionLink Unified Fleet: gives you access and data about machine hours, idle times, fuel usage, location and more. Boost productivity and lower costs with this application
  • VisionLink Unified Service: schedule maintenance, create preventative maintenance alerts, and review service history to know how long your machine can last on site
  • VisionLink Unified Productivity: keep budgets and progress on track by monitoring operational time (equipment run, idle, and working times), payloads, cycle times, and load counts
  • VisionLink Administrator: manage projects through notifications, reports, fleet assets, and more.

VisionLink is integrated with the machine’s telematics data.

Keep in mind that these machines should be 10 years old or younger. With VisionLink Unified Suite, it controls equipment telematics data to provide contractors a clear view and easy-to-read information of their fleets, assets, and productivity of their sites—everything to help them make better decisions and boost profitability. With VisionLink, you can conveniently listen to what your machine is trying to tell you.

VisionLink Unified Fleet provides a GPS fleet management system.

Imagine the power to see these with a few taps: hours, miles, locations, idle time, fuel burn, asset status, asset utilization and customer-defined asset states. You can even customize the report details you want to see to make your operations better. Aside from these, it is designed for quick load times, user-friendly screens, readable content, accessible buttons, and easy-to-use navigation. Lastly, it doesn’t matter how many running machines you have in your fleet and how many operations you monitor every day, because VisionLink is made to back you up on anything and everything.

VisionLink is designed to be mobile-friendly.

This application is made to keep up with the times. The on-site life is chaotic enough, which is why VisionLink gives operators and foremen quick access to whatever they need in just a click.

VisionLink is made to help you lessen your production cost.

Lower costs but higher productivity? Yes to this! This application can help you increase your savings to 16% to 38%. It keeps you from doing time-consuming activities like data review and maintenance scheduling, because you can already do so much while pressing a few buttons in just a few minutes.

VisionLink is made to do more for you.

Aside from these, VisionLink gathers faster responses and project times, provides training opportunities, increases worksite safety, preserves equipment life, and eliminates downtime, and constant need for budget increases.

Maximize your operations and machine performance with VisionLink! Interested? Contact us now!

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