visionlink true story

A Cat D6RLGP owned by a large Mining Company was forced to shut down during operation as recommend by VisionLink.

​Using VisionLink, the Service Manager from this Mining Company got an unexpected high severity fault code due to critical low oil pressure in his Cat D6RLGP. VisionLink recommends to immediately shut down the equipment before the condition worsens.
Once the equipment was shut down, the Service Manager immediately called his PSSR for recommendations in fixing the equipment.

The PSSR use VisionLink and in no time he has identified the current condition of the equipment therefore giving the most appropriate repair procedures such as inspect the oil filter for leaks, check the condition of both oil and coolant level, and to clean the oil suction inlet for any clogs and debris.

Since then, the Service Manager frequently uses VisionLink to better manage his equipment and all it takes is just a click.

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