Visionlink true story

A manufacturing site based in Batangas recently experienced a machine malfunction on their Cat 950GC Wheel Loader. Through the use of the data gathered from VisionLink, machine problem was correctly identified and resolved.

​During machine operation and loading, the operator suddenly experienced machine malfunction on the unit and noticed that the machine was not able to lift load due to loose compression. The problem was reported and later decided to call Monark to perform machine re-inspection to identify the cause of the problem.

Thereafter, PSSR in charged ordered to open clearing of work order to inspect existing problem and managed to view machine status to check possible fault codes thru VisionLink. He then found out that the unit has several fault codes of low-medium severity to which may be rooted to an excessive water level if the engine’s fuel and water separator.

Thanks to VisionLink, The PSSR was given a well informed condition of the equipment recommended the operator to clean the fuel separator. The operator quickly acted on this and in no time the machine regained its lifting power.

If the operator used VisionLink in the first place, it would save him costs from inappropriate repairs and downtime of equipment.