Using CAT Oil in my truck – Why not?

Mining companies strive to maximize machine availability and drive down production and maintenance costs in trough conditions especially in remote areas. If you are one of those that uses equipment in mines then read this carefully because CAT OIL can help you a lot. Why cat oil? Well, as you can see mining equipment’s increased component sizes and load limits places tremendous pressure on its lubrication system. If there is no proper and appropriate quality lubrication it might cause machine breakdown.

Why use CAT oil in your truck?

Since mine uses heavily loaded components, it is crucial to use effective lubrication. When we say effectively it means efficient, reliable, economical operation of a mine site. Choosing the right lubricants and services for your needs can help to make a real difference to your bottom line.

Monark provides high-quality Diesel Engine Oil for Cat® Engines. This engine includes those for highway trucks, earth moving, commercial, and marine diesel engines combines a high-quality base stock with a proprietary, balanced additive system having a combination of metallic detergents, ashes dispersants, and multi-purpose inhibitors. This oil assures superior control of oil thickening caused by soot buildup and high-temperature oxidation, and provides outstanding resistance to varnish deposits and corrosion.

Cat oil Exceeds Industry Standards

Cat oil is a premium oil which exceeds industry standards. It is commendable as one of the best engines as per the American Petroleum Institute (API). The diesel oils that we provide as CH-4 category under the “premium” category.

When looking for an oil for your mining equipment don’t forget to look for the distinction with your oil supplies. Generally, fighting grade oils just meet API CH-4 specifications, while premium oils exceed them. Cat diesel engine oil is a premium oil that greatly exceeds the minimum requirements of API CH-4.

You can browse various CAT oils at the link and choose which is appropriate for your equipment needs.

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