The New Cat® App: Maximizing Productivity, Minimizing Downtime

The more you see, the more you save.

For many years, customers of Cat® enjoyed top-of-the-line equipment and exceptional customer support. As the industry leader, Cat® listens to customers and understands that equipment management can be very challenging and chaotic. With the customer’s concerns in mind, was created. This online portal is a great way to be on top of your fleet at all times from monitoring on equipment history to proactive data, health, maintenance, and more. However, those who are always on-the-go or working onsite need something more portable and mobile – and so the new Cat® App was born.

The Cat® App delivers simplified, streamlined equipment data straight to your smartphones. While you can easily access the information you need such as your machine’s location, health, and more, you can receive customized push notifications too. This means that you don’t necessarily have to open the app every single day and yet you will still be notified when your attention is required.

Great Features of the Cat® App

The Cat® App is exactly what you need if you’re a customer who spends most of the time in your truck, when you’re always busy and on-the-go, and when you’re frequently on the job site. It is accessible anytime, any day, which makes it most ideal for those who need information about their equipment. Among its features are the following:

  1. Monitor your entire fleet
  2. Request for parts and services
  3. Worried about your crew’s safety? Wondering where your equipment is stalled? The Cat® App can track the exact location of all of your equipment.
  4. You can find out how many hours your machine actually operated through the Cat® App.
  5. You can learn more about planned service indicators. Get the service scheduled outside of your working hours to prevent downtime.
  6. Know about fault codes, engine alerts, and other critical service issues. By constantly being aware and consistently reminded by the Cat® App, issues can be addressed before an actual downtime occurs.

Start Using the Cat® App Today

Cat® continues to strive to make equipment management convenient and hassle-free for its customers. With the help of the new Cat® App, you can expect smoother and more productive operations. Cat App is currently available in 35 different languages for both iOS and Android. For new users, you can simply download the app via iTunes or Google Play. Register and start to manage your assets today!

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