The last couplings you’ll ever need guaranteed from Monark

​If you are worried that you will be replacing your hoses from time to time then think again. Cat® Reusable Couplings for XT™ Hose are the last couplings you’ll ever need. This is a very unique two-piece design that lets you reuse couplings, even after the hose is worn out.

Benefits of using Cat Reusable Hose Assemblies

One of the major benefits of using Cat reusable hose assemblies is you save a lot, about 30% or even more. In addition, you also don’t need to purchase a new coupling every time you replace worn hose—saving money, time and time again.

Your biggest saving here is our guarantee. If all of a sudden our reusable hose assemblies fail (Cat Reusable Couplings for XT Hose), we will replace them free of charge. Just make sure that they are not failure caused by abuse, neglect,fire, improper use, installation or repair.

What makes Cat Reusable Hose Assemblies Different?

It’s very simple – they are the last couplings you’ll ever need. Each of this coupling comes with the following quality specifications:

  • Multi-land fingers solidly grip skived hose for better coupling retention
  • One-piece stem provides added strength, longer life and reusability.
  • Multi-land stem seals fluid in for positive coupling-to-hose seal
  • Hardened steel sleeve helps prevent bending and distortion, ensuring reuse.

Reusable XT Hose Couplings are available in many configurations. Be smart and cost efficient with our Cat reusable hose assemblies.

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