Ever wondered how heavy equipment are being classified? Yes, even these set of machines have their own classifications based on their applications and functions. It is best to be aware of the specific functions and classifications of the heavy equipment you are operating to avoid accidents upon doing the job.

These classifications play a vital role on the proper selection of the suitable heavy equipment type for the work that needs to be done. Having the proper equipment for the project can actually save you the time and effort to increase the work productivity.

Proper usage of equipment can be widely beneficial to the economy, quality, safety, speed, and timely accomplishment of a certain project. That’s why it’s very important for the construction site managers and planners to familiarize the various characteristics of each type of most commonly used machines in construction and also in mining.

Here are the eight (8) major classifications of heavy equipment:

EARTHMOVING EQUIPMENT – These are the equipment that are not just good for construction but also for mining since their specific functions are to dig, break rocks, lift, and do activities related to processing of anything on the earth’s surface. The machineries under this type are the Hydraulic or Wheel Excavators, Backhoe Loaders, Electric Rope Shovel, Hydraulic Mining Shovels, Bulldozers or Wheel Dozers, Scrapers, Motor Grader, Wheeled or Track or Skid-Steer Loaders, Trenching Machines, Drilling Machines, and Track Type Tractors.

EARTH COMPACTION EQUIPMENT – Also called as Compactors, these are the machines that are frequently used to compact materials such as soil, in order to increase the density for construction purposes. Among the machines under this type are Smooth-wheel Rollers, Sheep-foot Rollers, and Pneumatic-tired Rollers.

HAULING EQUIPMENT – These are the machines that are used for the transportation of building materials, carriage and disposal of excavated earth, and haulage of heavy construction equipment. Trucks, Dump Trucks, Tippers, and Trailers are just some of the well-known haulers.

HOISTING EQUIPMENT – The machines that are responsible for lifting a certain material or weight from one location to another are called hoisting equipment. Their function is typically important on lifting loads, holding them in suspension when transferring from one place to another then placing them to their designated location. Hoisting equipment includes: Forklifts, Boom and Telescopic Lifts, Truck Cranes, All Terrain Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, and Telescopic Crawler Cranes. Metronidazole

CONVEYING EQUIPMENT – This type of equipment specializes on transporting heavy and bulky materials in a quick and efficient manner. Belt, Screw, and Bucket Conveyors are just some of its examples.

AGGREGATE PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT – An aggregate preparation and processing plant is essential to complete the concreting operations especially when the quantity needed is very large. The different varieties of crushers and mills are under this type of heavy equipment.

CONCRETING EQUIPMENT – These machines are responsible for making the concrete constituents of a building material. This includes concrete plants, transit mixers, and mixers. Suhagra

PILE DRIVING EQUIPMENT – These are the machines that generally function to lift piles of load into a certain position and hold it to a refusal or to a specified depth. Pile Driving Rig and Pile Driving Hammer are the major pile driving machines.

Keeping these major specifications in mind when it comes to heavy equipment and their respective functions for each project, with such information you can easily identify what you need for your project.

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