The Cat® App: A Mobile Partner in Equipment Maintenance

Equipment management has been made easy with the service. Through this, Caterpillar has provided a system that allows you to access all your equipment data in one place. This web portal allows you to: Schedule preventive maintenance, check a machine’s parts or service history, manage open work orders, review results from fluid analysis, verify warranty or Equipment Protection Plan coverage, extend a maintenance contract, manage your rental equipment, act on Safety Service Letter notifications, monitor location, hours, events and fuel on units subscribed to Cat Daily or VisionLink® and Access/review Operation & Maintenance. However, this service requires you to use a browser to access all these information. Today’s on demand culture has led to a people who want access at their fingertips. To remedy this, Caterpillar brings you the Cat® App. But what makes this different from My.Cat.Com?

Handy Mobile Connection

Equipment management is now in the palm of your hand. This connection at your fingertips allows you to quickly access your equipment data wherever you are, whether on-site or off. Having an app on your mobile device eliminates the hassle of turning on a computer or to bringing a laptop wherever you are. This access on your phone delivers data to your fingertips.

Quick and Easy Contact

With all the data you need on your phone, it is now easier to contact suppliers and after-sales agents. You can now quickly order parts and request service. With the Cat® App, you don’t have to go through meticulously taking the time and effort to type details when requesting a service. The Cat® App auto-fills the location and machine information that you would need to fill out.

Live Notifications

​Another benefit of the Cat® App on your smartphone is the ability to receive live notifications of your construction equipment. The Cat® App’s push notification alerts allow your smartphone to receive live updates without having to open the app. Its customizable feature allows you to filter what notifications you get so that you will only receive alerts of the information that matters to you.

See your whole fleet

The Cat® App allows you to request Cat® PL542 Product Link™ & self-install Cat® Product Link™ devices. The Cat® Product Link™ is an intuitive interface that uses satellite technology to give you a map of your site where you can see all your assets and their corresponding data. Through this, you can: pinpoint your equipment’s exact location, monitor fuel use, prepare working time versus idle time, set up site boundaries and security alerts and track equipment movement over a period of time. The system uses street maps and satellite views to allow you find the location of specific machines and job sites.

Digital Key to Start Select Next Generation Cat® Machines

Cat® Next Generation Machines allow you to digitally grade speed and accuracy by automating the machine movements typically achieved by the operator. This minimizes manual inputs, errors and fatigue. Certain models of the Cat® Next Generation Machines can be keyed in by the Cat® App.

Simplified Data

The Cat® App offers simplified and streamlined information of your equipment so you will not have to sift through large amounts of data to know the condition of your machines. It provides intuitive insights that help you monitor your machine’s locations and functionality, react quicker to fault code alerts, and maximize your up-time on site.

Download the Cat® App for a clear picture of your Cat® equipment’s performance right at your fingertips.

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