State of the Art Payload Technology

The search for the best payload technology is finally over. With Cat PAYLOAD technology your machines with be precise and helps in the optimization of construction. Monark has you covered with the best technology today.

Cat® PAYLOAD technologies give loading tool operators instant feedback that helps them load precisely the right amount of material every time, optimizing production and reducing excessive truck wear and damage. Plus, they enable managers to accurately track hourly and daily production while monitoring material movement in real time.

Best Payload Technology in the World

Construction of roads, buildings and other infrastructure requires precision particularly in the amount of materials. Your operator maybe experience in calculation but precision is different and adds a big factor both in saving money and quality of construction output.

Cat PAYLOAD technology includes hardware components such as sensors, electronic control modules and displays, plus software that calculates payload weight and related data.

It is a technology which allows your operator to view load weights in real time and know precisely how much material is in the bucket and in the truck. It integrates seamlessly with the machine system that you have.

Avail Cat Payload Technology Now

If you are purchasing new Cat equipment from us, then this is already available on your equipment. The Cat Payload Technology can also be as a dealer-installed option. Some systems are available as retrofits for select Cat loading and hauling equipment.

Monark can help you choose the right technology for you and manage installation. It can also train your people to help you get the best possible return on your investment.

Be among those who are now using the best payload technology in the world – Cat Payload Technology.

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