Monark Solar Panels: Cat® Microgrid Solution

As much as innovations and modernization are necessary, it’s important that we don’t sacrifice the environment in the process. What’s the use of having all this technology if the rest of the world is in danger? That’s where the concept of sustainable energy comes in. These renewable energies are needed to ensure an efficient power source without affecting the environment negatively.

At Monark, we offer solar panels in the Philippines in the form of Cat® Electric Power & Microgrid Power Solutions. Our services ensure you get energy savings as well as environment-friendly solutions.


As mentioned above, sustainable energy is quite beneficial in general, but let us break down the benefits of solar energy in particular.

First and foremost is how solar energy is quite dependable amid any type of crisis. Even if there’s a power outage due to storms and inclement weather, you can rely on your solar panels to power through. It’s also quite accessible compared to other forms of renewable sources that are more on the bigger side in terms of scale. With solar energy, you can get it by simply having the panels installed in your site by a provider.

Of course, another thing to consider is the lesser costs. By having panels, your site becomes a producer of energy, minimizing the energy you do get from a third-party electricity provider. In terms of how this benefits your project, you can lower the costs of electricity and use the extra funds to focus on other expenses.

Lastly, the use of solar energy is a way to reduce carbon emissions. These greenhouse gases have a lot of disastrous effects, from major climate change disasters to health issues among individuals that may breathe them. With this, it’s better to have solar power as an alternative or a complement to existing power sources in order to prevent the negative effects.

Product line

Monark’s Cat® Electric Power & Hybrid Microgrid Solutions have various offerings as part of its product line. These are the following:

  • Electric power generator sets
  • Cat® Solar PV Modules
  • Cat® MicroGrid Integration & Controls
  • Cat® Energy Storage
  • Cat® Energy Storage Modules


Monark also offers different types of solar panels with differing strengths and benefits:

  • Thin film
  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline


These integrated renewable solutions can be used in a variety of applications, including but not limited to power plants, data centers, manufacturing plants, municipalities, and mining sites. With the last one in particular, Monark’s Cat® Hybrid Microgrid system can help make the mining process less harmful and more green and environment-friendly.


If you’re interested in having this type of sustainability and efficiency in your construction projects, contact us today!

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