Manage Your Equipment with Cat EM Services

The importance of your equipment being in a sturdy and working condition is one of the main priorities. A sudden equipment break down means additional cost and delay of project for you. This is why you need your machine information to make better equipment management decisions and this is what Monark CAT EM Services provides

What is Cat EM Services?

​EM Services is a 360⁰ condition monitoring system that uses data from 5 major sources – Electronic Equipment Information, Equipment History, Inspection, SOS Fluid Analysis, and Site Condition Information.

Data from your machines and analysis tools from your Cat®dealer can help you make timely decisions that will help you control costs, improve operations, manage people and reduce risk. Seamless equipment management technology will help drive your business forward.

Benefits of Cat EM Services

Control Costs. Knowing your machines usage and statistics allows you to reduce the owning and operating costs of your equipment. The EM Services provides you with access to machine stats, hours, locations, maintenance tracking and other critical diagnostic data.

Improve Operations. Access to real-time data is the biggest advantage of Cat EM Services. With this data at your disposal you can decide where to allocate equipment to be most useful. It can even show you when it pays to rent rather than own an equipment.

People Management. Equipment data accessible through VisionLink helps you manage resources and see when machines are being misused and which operators may need additional training to improve efficiency and performance. By precisely tracking service and maintenance schedules, you can make sure your service personnel stay busy without becoming over-tasked.

Risk Reduction. One of the most expensive cost for your construction business include equipment and tool thefts. Through Cat EM Services it will help you mitigate this risk by helping you track your equipment plus help you maintain maximum fleet availability, replace machine at the optimum time and comply with regulations.

Through Cat EM Services, Monark helps you manage resources critical to your success – your people and equipment.

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