The construction industry is continuously evolving as it passes through different millennium. Even today, it continues to diversify in such a way that it lets every engineers, construction experts, and businessmen explore their inner capabilities in innovating the construction industry and keeping the work-efficiency at its utmost quality.

Several methods have been developed in order to make the construction work easier and faster without compromising the quality of the output.

Some of these are now highly-accepted by many construction firms around the world and quickly earning the attention of the people in the heavy equipment and construction industry.

To give you a glimpse of what is yet to come for the construction industry, here are the top five biggest innovations that have been done in 2016, which have become useful since then.

3D Printing

The 3D printing technique is now a trend on building bricks, bridges, and even on an entire model house. Although it used to be a technology for small-scale projects, it is now being patronized and developed as one great technique for building outstanding structures. (Read more about 3D printing here.)


The method of pre-manufacturing a structure’s parts in a factory before being transported and assembled in the exact area where the structure will be erected is called pre-fabrication (link to blog about pre-fabrication). This method enables the engineers and their workers to work more efficiently without the hassle of bad weather and tremendous scaffolding. Thus, this is made possible through the accompaniment of various heavy equipment.

Green Buildings and Renewable Energy

Even with the continuous growth of the local and national construction industry, keeping the structures environment-friendly is not a problem. Solar panel roofing is one of the most effective ways of having renewable and sustainable energy without compromising the quality of a structure. Caterpillar, through its Cat Hybrid Microgrid Solutions, have dominated the hybrid power in 2016. Using this innovation, some clients were able to cut down overall fuel expenses and reduce ownership costs with a lower impact on the environment, hence, helping more communities on attaining reliable and sustainable energy source.

With all these innovations being done by various experts in the industry, there is no wonder that more advanced, environment-friendly, and quality structures will be developed in the future.

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