Hydraulics is the science that deals with the laws governing water or other liquid in motion and their applications in engineering. This branch of knowledge has a very significant role to different heavy equipment available both for construction and mining by means of its hydraulic systems.

This enables the operator to complete a certain work like lifting heavy loads, turning a shaft, or drilling precision holes.

Some hydraulic systems can be found in most of the different machines around us like elevators, cars, gasoline pumps, and of course, construction machines.

There is a simpler way to understand the main idea of hydraulic systems. Hydraulic systems are being run through the force that is applied at one point and is being transmitted to another point using an incompressible fluid which is an oil of some sort. This force is almost multiplied in the process always.

The major components of a hydraulic system are:

  • Reservoir
  • Pump
  • Valves
  • Actuators (motor, cylinder, etc.)

Oil or fluid, just like the Cat® Hydraulic Oil, is very essential to the operation of a hydraulic system as this is a complicated fluid-based system for transferring energy and converting energy into efficient work. Hence, a proper hydraulic operations need a very careful and meticulous selection of hydraulic fluids suitable for the demands of the system being operated.

Cat® Fluids are built to not just support your hydraulic system’s function but also to enhance its maximum efficiency. Always take note that when selecting a fluid these are the things that you should always look for: viscosity, viscosity index, wear resistance and oxidation resistance.

Heavy equipment with hydraulic systems

Here are some of the construction and mining heavy equipment that massively uses hydraulic systems:

  • A Hydraulic Excavator is an example of a heavy equipment that uses hydraulic systems for lifting, excavating, and rotating its bucket.
  • Tracks, just like the Cat® Track Type Loaders and Tractors, are composed of a hydraulic motor, a free spinning toothed wheel and a set of rollers for the movement of the track.
  • Shovels, like the Dragline and Electric Rope Shovel, use hydraulic in order to lift loads and put them into their designated places.
  • Skid Steer Loaders are quite fascinating for it has a lot of hydraulic systems in it: the first is the one responsible for raising and lowering the bucket, the second is for rotating the bucket to dump its load, and the others are in its four wheels.
  • Meanwhile, Dump Trucks have hydraulic cylinders to lift its bed to release its loads.

Hydraulic systems are the true partners of a lot of construction and mining equipment when it comes to enhancing its work-efficiency.

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