How Caterpillar Next Generation Excavator 320 with 2D Grade Technology and E-Fence Technology Features Revolutionize the Industry

Take your productivity, efficiency, and safety to a whole new level as we bring you the highest level of built-in technology.

A job that requires you to literally move the earth under your feet demands a team and a set of equipment made to deliver beyond-the-best results. No other company understands this best than Monark Equipment Corporation as we bring you the new standard of excellence in the form of The Next Generation Cat 320 Excavator with 2D Technology and E-Fence Technology—the first and only machine in the market to bring built-in features and more. Designed to be the industry’s highest level of standard factory technology, this power machine promises productive, efficient, and safe operations at its finest. Discover as we dig into the real benefits of The Next Generation Cat 320 Excavator.

The Edge of 2D Technology

​Benefit #1: Need a lift in efficiency? This increases it up to 45%!

NGH 320 is equipped with 2D Technology, Grade with Assist, and Payload. The Cat Grade with 2D System provides quick and accurate grading of target depth, slope, and horizontal distance. On top of this, it creates a safer and low-cost environment as the delivered accuracy will no longer require checkers or inspectors around the area.

Standard Cat Grade with Assist is another major addition to the design of the excavator as it allows the operator to grade in just three easy steps: 1) set the target depth, 2) press AUTO, 3) and get to work. This feature also allows the operator to set the bucket angle and does all the precision work. Overall, it lessens manual adjustments that lead to zero overcutting, zero rework, and zero-grade checkers. Buying Propecia online

Lastly, Cat Payload Technology completes the production boost by delivering precise load targets to up wheel loader productivity. It promises fast calibration, real-time in-cab feedback, and easy-to-read display buttons. No more reloads, overloading, underloading, bottlenecks, and overnight fines.

Benefit #2: It makes the operator’s work easy and safe.

An operator’s job is never an easy one as it entails fatigue, loud machine sounds, and high temperature under the sun. To protect them from the inevitable stress of their daily tasks, a great machine, such as the NGH 320 with 2D Technology, is one of the most functional ways to back them up.

It provides a new and wide adjustable seat for operators of all sizes, plus a joystick console to lessen exhaustion. The Deluxe Cab Package includes heated air suspension seat, while the Premium seat is both heated and cooled, which is perfect for all types of weather.

It also offers these to be able to increase the level of comfort: easy-to-read and easy-to-reach touchscreen monitor, new smart move that automatically adjusts engine and hydraulic power for more digging, customizable joysticks that match the operator’s preferred response, and a keyless push start that is secured by Operator ID codes to limit and track machine access. Modafinil for sale

The Power of E-Fence Technology

Benefit #3: It increases the protection for the operator and the equipment.

One way to build the confidence of operators is by assuring them that they are in a safe environment. NGH 320 has the ability to boost their self-assurance is it offers Standard 2D E-Fence Technology. In a nutshell, it automatically stops the machine from getting into dangerous areas. The E-fence features protect the equipment from future accidents and avoid fines that are related to zoning or underground utility damage. It soothes the operators through automatic boundaries that lessen over-swinging and over-digging. Below is the complete list protection to avoid damage or accidents in all directions:

  1. E-Wall Floor – fiber optic cables and underground utilities
  2. E-Wall Ceiling – power lines, bridges, and overhead structures
  3. E-Wall Swing – obstacles such as live traffic and structures
  4. E-Wall Forward – structures in front of the machine
  5. E-Wall Cab Protection – between the attachment and the cab

Work more with fewer worries to discover every project’s full potential with NGH 320 with 2D Technology and E-Fence Technology. on your team. For more information, go to Monark-Cat.



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