Get the Job done faster with the Next Generation Cat 320 Excavator, Now available for Rent!

Introducing the Next Generation Cat 320 Excavator. Be more confident in renting the Cat 320 excavator, this smart excavator will reduce your fuel consumption by up to 20% and increase your efficiency by up to 45%. Backed by unmatched support from a brand you can trust.

The big efficiency booster on the Cat 320 is a breakthrough technology called Cat Grade with Assist. It’s an easy-to-use 2D system that automates key boom and bucket functions. It offers precision in achieving target depth and slope. It also allows the operator to reach its desired grade quickly and precise without the need for stakes and job inspectors required by traditional grading methods. Cat 320 is the only excavator with payload technology that informs the operator of the load weight in real time. It helps him meet his loading targets faster and more precisely.

It raises the bar to safety through the E-fence feature that is programed using an advance on-board touch display inside the operator’s cabin, the technology enables the machine to work safely under confined structures such as working in between building walls, under electric posts or even on highways, preventing any part of the excavator from moving outside the operator’s defined working space.

The key operating efficiency is often sitting on the cab. That’s why a standard technology is embedded on this machine to make the job of the operator easier. The Cat 320 next generation excavator includes easy-to-reach touchscreen monitor, three power mode settings and a keyless start, low sound levels, great all around visibility, Bluetooth and other convenient features that appeal to operators.

We will work with you in designing a solution to help you grow your business while managing risk and controlling costs. You could choose to own a Cat 320 in a variety of packages – new, used, rent-to-own, or rent-with-purchase-option. Monark Cat Rental gives you the flexibility that suits your needs and budget with the performance and productivity you expect.

Next Generation Cat 320 Excavators helps you be more productive every day; equipped with cost-saving technologies that makes more money with no wasted time, effort, energy and resources. Choose your advantage at Cat Rental Store.

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