Discover the Power of Generator Sets For Your Business

Don’t let power shortage slow down your operations.

Monark, as the official distributor of CAT® equipment and power generating products in the Philippines, provides high-quality, high-performing CAT® diesel generator sets that you can rely on at any given season. These machines meet world-class standards that are designed to provide critical back-up power on various industries. Get to know the industries that needs the reliability of generator sets:


Blackouts shouldn’t get in the way of life. This is why hospitals must be heavily supported by generator sets to provide power supply in must critical situations. On top of this, various kinds of hospital equipment need uninterrupted power supply to provide comfort for their patients to be able to survive, heal, and recover. With proper maintenance, Cat® generator sets can run for eight hours or more. A generator’s running time depends on its configurations, so it is better that the experts from Monark do the work for you.


Power interruptions mean delayed progress for any project. Production companies lose thousands of resources if this happens, which is why every manufacturing plant should be powered by dependable generator sets, most especially when there is an issue of power supply. Being fully powered during operation hours ensures optimum production without compromising loses and downtime.

Telecommunications and Data Centers

Telecommunications and data centres play a significant role in personal and professional settings. These industries highly depend on power supply to make sure that business operations are up and running. When power outage strikes, it can lead to lost customers and revenue, delayed turnovers, low employee productivity, lost data, and damaged equipment. Reliable generator sets are the real heroes to save the company from experiencing these.

Exclusively distributed by Monark, CAT® equipment and power generating products are designed to deliver unmatched performance to make sure that these industries are operating at their best. Power up your business with diesel generator sets by logging ​here.

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