Choosing the right Lift Truck

How do you choose the right lift truck for your company? Is there one type of lift truck that fits all your needs? What do you need to look for in a lift truck?

Remember that the main use of a lift truck (also called forklift, fork truck, fork hoist, and forklift truck) is to lift and move materials over short distances. One of the main considerations here is the weight of the materials which you will be loading on them plus the primary purpose of the lift truck. Will you be using it for loading/unloading or put away/retrieval?

Main considerations in choosing a lift truck

Lift Capacity. How heavy are the materials that will be handled by the lift truck? This is very important since this will also the limit of the materials it can transfer from one location to another.

Max Lift Height. You need to know how high it the maximum lift of the truck you need. This one depends on your storage location and space.

Power Type. Lift trucks can be powered using various means – electric, gas/LP Gas, Diesel, Gas/LP Gas/Diesel and manual.

Brand. When you are done answering the considerations above the next thing to decide is what brand of lift truck you want to buy. Deciding on this is very important since it will determine the quality, support, and service that you will receive from purchase to after sales.

Lift trucks and Cat® Forklifts

Remember always that quality consideration does not end with the machine alone but also with the after sales service that a company is providing. Cat® lift trucks deliver innovative material handling solutions for your toughest applications. Choose from a line of forklifts backed by industry-leading customer service and support.

Cat lift trucks offer the material handling solutions you’ve come to expect, including:

  • Electric forklifts providing reduced emissions and operating costs along with the ability to run up to two shifts on one battery
  • New Tier 4 Final diesel forklift series that offers reduced emissions levels and a 21.6% increase in fuel efficiency
  • Designed to increase productivity and minimize downtime
  • Equipped with spacious operator compartments for low-effort operation
  • Industry-leading features such as fingertip controls, an advanced operator Presence Detection System (PDS) and informative displays
  • Low maintenance with extended service intervals
  • Industry-leading dealer network offering factory support programs

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