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Renewable energy should be the priority for everyone nowadays. We only have one Earth and all of us including you, can surely feel how hot the planet is. The mining industry as one of the key industries that should be at the forefront of pursuing key environmental changes should realize this. So what can you do to upgrade your mining practices? One of the best things you can do is to adopt a renewable energy source like Solar energy. Where can you get it? Well, one of the best options is to use Cat Solar.

Cat Renewable Energy

​”To make a Difference in Creating a Better World by being a World Class, Responsible organization, leading in Nation Building”

This is the vision of Monark Equipment. This vision is what drives Monark and Caterpillar in introducing a very powerful renewable energy solution to the Philippines – Cat Solar is the top solar renewable energy solution.

This renewable energy system uses what is called as the “CAT photovoltaic solar modules.” These are powered by advanced thin-film solar modules that are setting the industry benchmark with improved performance over conventional silicon solar panels, the Cat Microgrid system offers:

  • Superior Performance. Reliable and predictable energy in all climates and applications particularly in high temperature, high humidity, extreme desert, and coastal environments where it generates more energy than multi-crystalline silicon solar modules.
  • Robust Modules. Modules are independently tested to pass accelerated life and stress tests beyond industry standards (including Thresher, IEC, ISO, UL, CSI, MCS, CEC and other international standards) and come with warranty protection.
  • A Scalable, Compatible, and Easy to Install System. A fully scalable, pre-engineered solar system.

Cat® Photovoltaic Module PVT115 for Cat Solar

The Cat thin film high photovoltaic efficiency modules are the main power source of Cat Renewable Energy systems. This is very efficient when it comes to using it for your mining sites since it generates more energy than competing modules.

The photovoltaic module gives a highly predictable energy in all climates and applications. Since we are focusing on its use for the mining industry, its certification for reliable performance in high temperature, high humidity, and extreme conditions is very important.

The module is cover with a 10-year limited product warranty plus a 25-year power assurance program. Plus, it is covered by Caterpillar’s industry-leading recycling program during its end of life.
Cat® Photovoltaic Module PVT115 passed the following Certification and tests as well:

  • Thresher Test, Long-Term Sequential Test, and ATLAS 25+
  • IEC 61646 1500V, IEC 61730 1500V, CE
  • IEC 61701 Salt Mist Corrosion, IEC 60068-2-68 Dust and Sand Resistance
  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004
  • UL 1703 and ULC 1703 Listed Class B Fire Rating (Class A Spread of Flame)
  • CSI Eligible (CA-USA), FSEC (FL-USA), MCS (UK), CEC Listed (Australia), SII (Israel), In Metro (Brazil)

Make your Mining Operation Environmental Friendly

It is time to switch to a renewable energy source and make your mining operation friendlier. Caterpillar offers a full range of Cat Microgrid systems from 10 kW to 100 MW. Fully supported by Monark Equipment, the local Cat dealer in the Philippines.

Monark Equipment will be with you at every phase of your project – from the delivery of your complete turnkey or design-to-order system with maximized renewable penetration to product upgrades, financing services, warranty, service agreements, and parts availability.

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