Cat® Product Link™ Generation: Your Partner in Maintenance

It can be tedious to maintain a diesel generator, especially if you are running multiple generators and power machines for your building. It takes a lot of time and resources to get to the bottom of the problem. That is why Cat® has developed a way for you to easily access the current condition of your machine. Stay on top of your Cat® generators with Cat Connect Services. Be aware of the wear and tear of your machine and get notified if there are necessary replacements, anywhere you are.

Cat® offers solutions to better manage your business in the digital world. As the pioneer of digital and technological solutions in the power industry, Cat® Connect gives you a remote asset monitoring (RAM) system that lets you get live updates on the service and parts, equipment status, usage, and location by using Product Link™.

Product Link™ has an easy to use interface to give precise data on Cat® equipment for better management wirelessly. Product Link™ gets you accurate, timely, and useful information about the location, utilization, diagnostic codes, and condition of your equipment—the kind of information that can make a huge difference in the efficiency and costs of your entire operation. It helps you make informed decisions in your maintenance solutions.

The Cat® Product Link™ Generation hardware, a device in your generator, allows you to collect and monitor the information needed to maximize the performance of your assets, proactively identify issues that may affect your operations, and quickly respond to any events that may occur. It sends this information via cellular GSM and CDMA network or LAN network to the Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM) Web Server where you can access it using your computer.

Watch your diesel generator by the numbers so that you can know when the right moment to repair and maintain your Cat® equipment is. This will prevent rapid deterioration and the costs that follow it. See the data on the equipment’s use. Check its efficiency and proper handling by analyzing the data consolidated by Product Link™.

Without the proper knowledge of your generator’s current condition, there is a tendency to cut its life short by replacing parts way before it is necessary. This will lead to unnecessary expense since it doesn’t maximize the life of the machine. This can also go the other way by pushing the generator beyond its limits and causing it to get worse and accelerate the machine’s normal depreciation. Therefore, having accurate and real-time information on the equipment is necessary. Product Link™ also notifies you when you need to schedule maintenance checks from your authorized Cat® dealer and redirects you to a page to coordinate necessary parts and services.

Save money and manage risk with Cat® Connect, the smarter maintenance strategy. Get to the bottom of performance issues and maintenance management needs with Product Link. Get in depth knowledge about your equipment to prevent costly repairs and optimize the performance of your diesel generator. Cat® Connect is the best partner of your Cat® energy and power systems. Get high performance equipment and maximize its potential with Cat® and Product Link™.

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