Cat® Hydraulic Hose Solutions: The Preferred Connection

To achieve peak performance from your CAT® equipment, hydraulic replacement parts need to be matched with factory-installed components.
Close attention to routing and pressure requirements are two key elements that differentiate our ability to provide the highest levels of safety and reliability with our hydraulic systems.

Superior Quality. Longer Life. Lower Costs.

CAT® XT Hose is up to 20x more abrasion resistant than the industry’s best rubber-covered hose. In fact, Caterpillar’s requirement for high pressure, low and medium pressure, and special application hose and couplings far exceed industry standard. These hoses and couplings therefore provide excellent reliability and durability.

Partnered with CAT® Reusable Couplings – a unique solution only available from Caterpillar, one can save up to 30% off the cost of assembly while keeping machine downtime at a minimum.

Reliable Connection for Safety and Dependability

CAT® hoses and couplings are designed and tested as a system to ensure a perfect fit, while will-fit hose shops only mix-and-match parts from different manufacturers –an unsafe practice that reduces reliability of the hose assembly. To ensure quick and precise crimping, Monark also uses CAT®-developed Crimputers that eliminate assembly mistakes and ensures each completed assembly meets Caterpillar specs. Most will-fit hoses fail prematurely because they do not have this precise tooling to guarantee assembly quality.

Each hose goes through the most rigorous quality control processes and cleanliness to ensure consistently manufactured top-notch and safe components. The highest level of safety is assured. Caterpillar constantly develops and refines advanced technologies to give you the utmost security.

In operating CAT® equipment, dependability must be guaranteed. To enforce this, CAT® manufactures their own line of hydraulic hose and couplings for replacement. It is the only equipment manufacturer to invest in such a line. This assures the customer that their CAT® equipment will retain its peak performance. This line of hydraulic hose is built to the exact CAT® machine specifications, making it an exact fit for your CAT® equipment, perfectly matching the factory-installed version it is replacing.

CAT® also provides stellar support, so you can have maximum uptime. Monark is uniquely skilled to perform assembly and installation. These trained technicians meticulously inspect your machines and use the latest tooling, assembly information and routing standards to make sure your equipment is running smoothly and safely.

Unmatched Flexibility for Tighter Routing

CAT® hydraulic hoses are designed to work at half of the SAE bend radius without sacrificing flex capability or durability. This allows easier routing in the tightest spaces. It is very flexible and easy to install. Through this, the hose allows components to be positioned in the most efficient or convenient places by cutting through tight spaces, around corners and through long distances. This flexibility results in tighter routing, preventing lost productivity, equipment failure and personal injury.

Caterpillar’s special line of hydraulic hoses provides you with the best solution for your replacement needs.

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