Cat® Filters: Your Machine’s Companion Against Wear and Tear






Increase your machine’s life by protecting it from corrosive and contaminating substances. Strengthen your equipment’s first line of defense by installing efficient filters. Filters not only improve performance, they also protect vital components for longer life and higher resale value. However, not all of the filters in the market perform the same. Choose the one that gives the best results for your machine and the one that maximizes your money’s worth.

Why Cat® Filters?

CAT® Filters are built perfectly for your CAT® machine.

CAT® Filters have spiral roving that eliminates pleat movement and that keeps contaminants from working their way into the clean side of the filter. This is why test results show that Cat Filters have 45% lower particle count as compared to other filters without spiral roving.

CAT® Filters also have fiberglass-reinforced nylon center tubes that eliminate metal contamination and are 30% stronger than metal tubes, helping prevent collapse during pressure spikes or cold starts. In other brands, metal center tubes often carry metal contaminants left over from manufacturing, which can cause wear.

The Acrylic beads of a CAT® Filter rigidly maintain pleat spacing and maximize the filter’s surface area—capturing and holding contaminants until the required change interval. While its molded end caps completely seal the clean side from the dirty side, eliminating gaps and keeping contaminants where they belong. Other brands have metal end caps that are just glued on top of filter pleats—creating gaps that allow fluid leaks that cause contamination.

Over-all, test results show CAT® Fuel Injectors protected by CAT® Filters last 45% longer compared to fuel injectors that are protected by competitive filters. Never compromise on your filters. Choose the one that can keep your machine well maintained and extend its life. Keep your machine running at peak performance by installing CAT® Filters.

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