CAT® CS11-GC Vibratory Soil Compactor: The Real Game Changer

Get ready for the new breed of CAT® equipment from Monark.

With the continuous development of roads, buildings and other improved areas, the demand for special equipment that makes working processes more efficient rises. A vibratory soil compactor is an essential part of these processes. A variety of models with promising features are released left and right, but one stands out – the CAT® CS11-GC Vibratory Soil Compactor.

Monark recently launched the CAT® CS11-GC Vibratory Soil Compactor, which is believed to be the real game changer as proven by those who have already experienced it at work. Deemed the best in superior compaction matched with simple operation and easy maintenance plus exclusive features from CAT®, one cannot go wrong with this tough piece of equipment.

The CAT® CS11-GC Vibratory Soil Compactor is packed with a ton of special features.

To ensure that roads and buildings remain even and strong enough to last the test of time and extreme weather conditions, loose soil particles underneath cannot be tolerated. Human hands and other hand-held equipment can only do so much. Any competent contractor would know that a soil compactor is essential. So what makes the CAT® CS11-GC Vibratory Soil Compactor the best choice?

  • Static Linear Load (SLL) Capability: Best in Class
  • Industry’s Highest in Amplitude
  • Configuration Remains Flexible – Not Only In-Store But Even After Purchase
  • 360⁰ Machine Visibility
  • Optimal View of its Drum and Edges
  • Grouped Maintenance Points
  • Simplified Interface for Easier Operation
  • Eco-Mode Availability for Fuel Savings
  • Caterpillar Proprietary Style Vibratory System
  • Built-in Reliability – Hitch is Sealed for Life
  • Trusted CAT® components – Engine, Electrical Harness and Hoses
  • Modular Trim Options
  • Caterpillar Proprietary MDP System for Scalable Technology

Change the way you work with the CAT® CS11-GC Vibratory Soil Compactor.

Enjoy higher productivity, more convenience, and precise operation with Monark’s latest offer. The CAT® CS11-GC Vibratory Soil Compactor is the best in class when it comes to SLL or Static Linear Road. It has been tested against competition and has undoubtedly proven its superior ability to compact the ground. The MDP or Machine Drive Power is also a great addition as it adds more efficiency that allows you to save more time at work. Because the machine works precisely, efficiently, and offers faster cycle time, more work can be done within a smaller amount of time with less fuel consumed. This, along with the CAT’s promise of high-quality and durable equipment build!

The CAT® CS11-GC Vibratory Soil Compactor brings pride to CAT’s line of topnotch LCV machine models.

The current market industry is divided into three major segments: LCP or Life Cycle Performance, LCV or Life Cycle Value, and Utility. The CAT® CS11-GC Vibratory Soil Compactor falls under the LCV segment, which is right between utility and heavy-duty application. With its exceptional features matched with competitive pricing, the CAT brand has once again delivered the highest quality level and performance in LCV compared to its competitor. The CAT® CS11-GC Vibratory Soil Compactor is absolutely a proud addition!

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