Building a Brighter Future with Monark

Throughout the years, Monark has always been committed to helping more Filipinos achieve their dreams. Nation-building, after all, is no easy task. That is why everyone here at Monark makes sure that people can always rely on stellar performance and high-quality equipment only from Cat®.

Set the right standards

Don’t settle for less again. Pave the path to a brighter future with tools you can trust. The Cat® product line is home to more than 300 heavy machinery ready to fulfill your project’s needs. Reliable and durable, Cat® is also a premier heavy equipment supplier in the Philippines that can keep up with the demands of various business operations.

Uncover the value you want

Bridging the gap is also made easier with Cat® Connect. Through Cat ®’s innovations, you can access better equipment, technologies and dealerships that can help you narrow down the best options for your project. So whether you’re looking to push the envelope or protect your most valuable assets, you can contact your local Cat® dealer and find the right solutions in no time.

Do more while spending less

There was a time when following your bottom line through sustainable profit was a non-existent pitch across companies. Using the Cat® Microgrid system not only raises the community to greater heights—it’s made even better. Caterpillar uses smart energy that stores renewable power aside from the conventional gas-fuelled power generation.

As a result, people can also benefit from the increased power and efficiency that does not affect your optimal total cost of ownership.

Nation-building is a duty that calls beyond passion; it is a labor of love redefined through groundbreaking technologies, game-changing performance, and perseverance like no other. And here at Monark Cat®, we are all set to help you along the way. Together, let us build a brighter, better Philippines this 2020.


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Monark-Cat.Com experience by completing this short survey. Thank you!
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