“Build, Build, Build” to the Next Generation of Modern Nations

Metro Manila, along with other areas of the Luzon Region, is filled with massive infrastructure developments. In addition, one will also find such developments in the Visayas Region, like in the province of Cebu. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, Cebu is ranked #1 with the highest number of development projects in the second quarter of 2017. Cebu is also recorded to have 1,518 construction plans based on approved building permits. Going forth, this province is expected to advance even more because of the “Build, Build, Build” governmental program that is designed to modernize the country’s infrastructure.

However, despite the government’s massive thrust, the “Build, Build, Build” program will need all the help it can get to be successful. Given the current building technology in the Philippines, it is important that the country catches up with the capabilities of modern nations. Currently, most infrastructure projects use conventional methods which may result in several roadblocks and inefficiencies. For example, machine operators often have to perform rough estimations during the excavation process; however, this can be tricky. Digging with guesswork often leads to overcuts, undercuts, and overfills, which require more time to correct the inaccuracies. As a result, this will be costly for both the operators and their clients.

With the said roadblocks, it is imperative for Nation-building companies to invest in advanced technology to address these challenges. Fortunately, the newest breakthrough, Next Generation Excavator, is now in the Philippines. This smart excavator comes with innate state-of-the-art technology and is expected to offer better precision, more efficiency, and productivity.

The Next Generation Excavator promises to improve operator efficiency by up to 45%, reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%, as it utilizes breakthroughs in engine and hydraulic pumps engineering. The Next Generation Excavator will also have longer maintenance intervals compared to previous generation by up to 15%.

With the said innate technology and features, Next Generation Excavators will bring Nation-building companies to the future. Operators can experience better results and deliver the highest precision and faster completion time in finishing their projects.

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