Advantages of Choosing Cat® Extended Life Coolant

After purchasing your Cat® equipment, you may be constantly aware of your machine’s maintenance and replacement needs. However, purchasing coolant may not make it to the top of your list. This is understandable since all new Cat® machines are equipped with 12,000 hours of factory-filled Cat® Coolant. In these 12,000 hours, Cat® coolants protect your machine from boiling or freezing. Coolants prevent your equipment from such temperatures so that it can avoid degradation. They are also designed to protect the cooling system of your machine from corrosion, debris deposits and cavitation. the event when these 12,000 hours run out, replace it with Cat® Extended Life Coolant (ELC). Here are 3 benefits for choosing Cat® Extended Life Coolant.


Cat® has developed a coolant unlike any other. The Cat® Extended Life Coolant can last twice as long as conventional coolant in the market. It can also last three times as long in Cat® truck engines. There is no need to mix this with Supplemental Coolant Additives. However, to maximize your coolant’s life, you are encouraged to add Cat® ELC Extender. This is to be added at around 6,000 hours or 500,00km use of the ELC. This is around the time when conventional coolants would need replacing. The Cat® ELC Extender is only needed once during the life of the Cat® Extended Life Coolant. This would ensure that the Cat® ELC performance would reach 12,000 hours. Cat® ELC provides maximum protection to your equipment which uses Organic Acid Technology with additives extending the life of the coolant without the need for a Supplemental Coolant Additive.

Corrosion Protection

The Cat® Extended Life Coolant prevents any oxidation and corrosion in the cooling system. Its advanced formulation technology made up of organic acid additive corrosion inhibitors, such as a combination of mono and dicarboxylates, ensures maximum protection against the corrosive effects of the six basic metal alloys: copper, solder, brass, steel, cast iron and aluminum. These six metals are found in most heat transfer systems. Some nitrites and molybdates are added to help protect the iron components in the cooling system, reducing steel corrosion and pitting effects.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Cat® Coolants prevent Cat® machines from degrading and undergoing changes of the machine components physical properties. These extend the life of your equipment and reduce machine-shop operating costs and possible service needs.

The Cat® Extended Life Coolant also minimizes coolant cost. The ELC lasts twice as long as other coolants in the market, extending the coolant change-out intervals and reducing disposal requirements. The ELC does not require you to purchase supplemental coolant additives for its operation. This reduces engine coolant and additive costs by as much as 500% compared to conventional coolants.

Maintain your Cat® equipment with the coolant that suits it. With a machine that is built to last, use the coolant that is made to keep your machine at peak condition. The Cat® Extended Life Coolant gives your machine’s cooling system a lasting and corrosion free protection for optimal equipment operation, while lowering maintenance costs.

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