Electricity and power are the most essential factors of the functionality of many technology and machines. Through these you can light up streetlights, run your ventilators and air conditioners, and even run the machines inside a factory. But when complexities and emergency situations arise, where would you rely for power?

A rental generator is your quick fix and best solution for one-time emergency situations. By means of having an alternative whenever the need arises, this can work well as a stopgap measure while a permanent solution is not yet available. Having an alternative or emergency power source gives you an additional assurance that everything will go on as planned.

Here are the top five circumstances where you need an emergency power source, which is a rental generator:

When power outages happen.

If your business mainly runs by machines or needs a machine to produce goods and/or services, you probably need the hotline number of a rental generator provider when power outages come. For businesses or establishments who do not own a standby power generation system, an alternative power source must be kept on hand.

When hosting an event.

Upon doing an event in a certain area or remote location far from your headquarters, having an alternate power source is very ideal. Since you are not that familiar with the place where you can plug in the equipment needed for the event, having your own rented generator is a good precautionary measure to avoid delays and even postponements. Always make sure that you have a backup plan to make your event a success.

When you have to keep the business running.

Various industries can benefit from having a backup power source, just like farmers during harvest season. They need a continuous power source in order to run their grain dryers, so an alternative power source must be kept near when the need arises. For manufacturing plants, considering a rental generator to ensure that their production lines will run smoothly and continuously is highly recommended.

When there are planned shutdowns to upgrade electric substations.

Whether you are a large industrial or commercial organization, you regularly need to upgrade your electrical substations regularly to meet the growing load requirements or massive maintenance. Hence, a rental generator is an ideal solution to keep your production on track while your maintenance is ongoing.

When a stable power source is needed for medical purposes.

This may not be applicable for all, but this is very important especially for ambulances and medical missions. Some medical equipment need a power source to function. That’s why renting a power generator for these kinds of application is suggested.

Don’t wait for the situation to get worse. Be proactive and be prepared.

Monark Equipment Corp. is your reliable partner for heavy equipment and power systems. We provide various generator set types with capabilities ranging from 58kVa up to 343kVA all available for daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly rentals! Get the enough power right where you need it, right when you need it with Monark Power Systems.

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