3 Reasons Why SOS Fluid Analysis Must Be a Priority for Your Fleet

Save thousands of pesos in operating costs just by doing a single service.

A single blood test is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to detect early health problems in the body. In the case of high-powered equipment, consider Cat® SOS Services the blood test for your Cat® machines and generator sets.

With Cat® SOS Services, you can take the simple process of fluid sampling and combine it with state-of-the-art analysis and clear, easy-to-understand reporting to create not only optimized machine performance, but also improved cost control. Executed by Caterpillar-trained lab experts, SOS Services is designed to deliver transparent, coherent, and updated information about your machine’s overall status with reliable recommendations.

Interested? Here are three things SOS fluid analysis can do for you to level up your equipment’s performance:

It reduces the equipment’s potential to fail.

Failed operations mean financial loss, which is why it’s better to have a proactive and preventive tool such as SOS Services to detect minor issues before they turn into catastrophic equipment problem. With just a single fluid sample, SOS Services gets deep into the root cause of potential problems to give you a greater chance of easily solving a minor repair. Minor repair means less time to repair, and more time to continue your operations on site. Lastly, early detection lengthens the life of your equipment.

It controls the level of equipment failure at a minimum rate.

By detecting potential problems early with SOS Services, it wouldn’t cost that much and too long to repair. After solving the problem, you can avoid unscheduled downtime because you have already scheduled proper maintenance and replacement of specific parts. SOS Services help you execute better management of your fleet through early detection of required maintenance and repairs.

It boosts your performance and provides big returns for your investments.

When the overall status of your equipment is at its peak, your productivity is at its peak, too. Never let minor issues get in the way of your operations again. Aside from this, fluid analysis can also contribute to the resale value of your equipment.

Never compromise your operations. Act fast, act smart, and act now by going deeper into your equipment with SOS Services.

  • Extended oil drain intervals based on condition monitoring thru SOS Services decreases new lubricant costs, servicing costs, and disposal costs.
  • Oil analysis can assist in identifying operation-related causes of failures or chronic issues. These causes include delivery of unclean or wrong oil, improper storage practices, design defects, misapplications, and improper operation of equipment.
  • Optimally running equipment helps your company meet or exceed customer expectations on production, quality and delivery.
  • Properly lubricated and maintained assets use less energy.
  • Maximizing lubricant useful life is environmentally friendly.
  • Optimized maintenance can extend the life of your equipment.
  • Optimally maintained equipment has higher resale value.

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