2018 EMS Support Program

Monark is committed to the highest value of customer satisfaction and service to all its client. This year we are giving our full support to you through our 2018 EMS Support Program. We will ensure that your equipment will be fully taken care of by providing real-time data about your construction equipment.

Why take part in the 2018 EMS Support Program?

Cat EM Services provides you with real-time data about your equipment. This data can be used to make very important and critical decisions for your construction company’s operations. Operations which can make or break costs and business success.
Whether you manage five machines or 100, the first step is understanding what your machine can tell you and how that information can make a difference to your bottom line.

2018 EMS Support Program Core Benefits

EM Services is ideal for you because it provides you with a tool that reduces cost and workload. Here are some of the key benefits of joining the program:

  • Reduce costs through preventive maintenance, fleet optimization and life cycle planning
  • Improve utilization by scheduling equipment and personnel better
  • Know the location, health and efficiency of equipment
  • Spot problems before they happen with data, inspections and fluid analysis
  • Receive expert recommendations on equipment maintenance and repair
  • Track equipment location, speed and avoidance zones
  • Reduce emissions by burning less fuel
  • Make compliance reporting easier with better emissions monitoring

​Monark Equipment Corporation will always provide you with our best services to help you reduce cost and ensure equipment longevity.