Cat® LINK technologies connect your job site assets to deliver accurate, timely information that can boost efficiency and reduce costs across your operation.


Cat LINK technologies include hardware and software that gather, transmit and analyze data for all types of assets. No matter how large or small your fleet, or what make of equipment you use, Cat LINK gives you the information you need to make fleet management more effective.

  • Cat Product Link™ hardware is deeply integrated into equipment, interacting with the electronic control modules that power and monitor systems, such as your engines, hydraulic systems, and transmissions. Product Link hardware is available to connect any asset or tool used on a job site.
  • An award-winning, user-friendly web interface—VisionLink®—enables customized reports, site mapping, location tracking and much more.
    • VisionLink is a secure, web-based application—available 24 hours a day, seven days a week—that allows you to quickly and easily view all of your assets, regardless of make.
    • It turns your raw equipment data into valuable, accurate Information that gives you insights into the operation, health, and productivity of your fleet.
    • An internet connection and web browser will give you full access to all of your fleet information.
  • Working together, these two powerful LINK technologies save you the time and effort of gathering and entering data by hand, giving you accurate information without human error that helps you make timely, informed management decisions.
  • Visit your dealer’s web page to request access to VisionLink and other online tools, such as Cat S•O•SSM Services online.


Cat LINK technologies let you see what’s going on within your fleet, within job sites or groups of machines, and even within individual pieces of equipment. You get up-to-the-minute, accurate information that helps you:

Control Costs

  • Manage inefficient use, maintenance, health and more
  • Efficiently identify and execute on maintenance needs
  • Identify harsh operation or other maintenance needs that can degrade component life
  • Extend component lives by proactively managing health and maintenance needs
  • Manage working vs. idle time and fuel usage

Improve Operations & Uptime

  • Efficiently manage your equipment with remote monitoring
  • Know where your assets are and how they are being used
  • Keep your equipment running at peak performance
  • Identify over/under-utilization of assets
  • Identify small problems before they cause unscheduled downtime



Cat LINK technologies are available through your Cat dealer within customized hardware and service plans that are designed to give you the level of support you want.

  • From basic connections to full service and maintenance support, Cat LINK hardware and Cat Connect service plan options allow you to bundle features to fit your operation’s needs.
  • Hardware options support communication via Bluetooth, cellular and satellite networks.
  • Data feeds can be established to automatically provide information to your business systems and/or your Cat dealer’s systems, enabling you to spot opportunities and take quick action.
  • Product Link hardware comes standard from the factory on most Cat equipment and can be added to any make and type of equipment desired.
  • Cat TrackIT can be installed on additional assets and job site tools, enabling you to locate assets with Bluetooth. Quickly install Cat TrackIT and use the mobile application to get started. Visualize your assets in the award-winning VisionLink web application. To purchase a Cat TrackIt device, please contact your local Cat dealer.

For new Cat equipment, your Cat dealer can activate your factory-installed Product Link module upon delivery. Activation of your Product Link module can also be completed with over-the-air commands that eliminate the need for a service visit.

Older machines and those from other equipment manufacturers can be retrofitted with a Product Link device. Typically, machines manufactured within the past 10 years have electronically controlled systems that enable the use of a broader collection of Product Link features.

Hardware options support communication via cellular networks for metropolitan or suburban areas, or satellites for rural or isolated job sites where cellular coverage is not available.


VIMS™ Hardware & VIMS PC Software 

Primarily for larger construction, quarry and mining equipment, including:

  • Off-Highway Trucks
  • Track-Type Tractors
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Wheel Dozers
  • Motor Graders
  • K Series 4-Drum Soil Compactors

Advanced Productivity 

a Web-based tool used to visualize Cat machine production-related data and application profiling. Includes a user-customizable report dashboard, cycle-by-cycle downloadable data and a list of maintenance features for truck and material ID lists. Available for:

  • Cat G Series Wheel Tractor Scrapers
  • Cat Medium Wheel Loaders