Cat® DETECT technologies help operators maintain better awareness of what’s happening around their equipment, enabling them to work more safely and confidently all shift long.



Cat DETECT technology includes hardware components such as cameras, sensors and displays that work with sophisticated onboard software to improve operator awareness of the jobsite environment.

A wide range of technologies is available to equip any machine—existing or new, regardless of manufacturer—with valuable safety and awareness capabilities.




Cat DETECT technologies improve operator awareness, creating a safer job site that enables operators to work more confidently and productively.

  • Enhanced safety reduces the costs associated with job site incidents and accidents, including lost personnel time, equipment damage and lost production.
  • Some technologies allow for event reporting and recording for use in training and safety improvement programs.



Cat DETECT technologies are available for many types of equipment, regardless of age or manufacturer. They are available from the factory on new Cat equipment and as aftermarket or retrofits from Cat and SITECH dealers.



A range of Cat DETECT technologies lets you configure a system suited to your job needs, fleet, and budget.

Camera Systems give operators better visibility to the immediate area around their equipment.

  • Rear Vision Camera – Single-camera system gives operators a clear view of the area behind their machine.
    • Standard on many Cat machines.
    • Retrofits are available for most makes and machine types.
  • Work Area Vision System (WAVS) – Multiple cameras give operators a better view of the working environment around their equipment.
    • WAVS is integrated with your machine for automatic views, prompted by machine motion.
    • For example, when the machine is placed in reverse, the system automatically switches to the rear view camera.
    • Optional on larger trucks and wheel loaders.

DETECT for Personnel uses RFID (Scan-Link) technology to alert operators when ground personnels approach their machines.

  • Aftermarket kit for personnel detection allows for tracking ground personnel as they move around the job site.

Object Detection combines cameras and radar sensors to automatically alert operators to hazards.

  • Adds radar capabilities to any piece of mobile surface equipment.
  • Automatically detects and alerts operators to potential hazards in front, behind and within the turning radius on each side of the machine.
  • Also, highlights specific views to show operators where potential hazards are located.

Seat-Belt Monitoring encourages operators to buckle up.

  • Locks out machine operations until the seat belt is fastened.

Cat Machine Security System (MSS) keeps your equipment safe by giving you control over who can operate your machines and when.

  • Integrated electronics guard the starting system, engine, and transmission.
  • Only a special security key can start the machine when the system is armed.
  • Each security key is unique so operators can be restricted to certain machines or hours of operation.
  • The system can also be programmed to allow the use of the standard black key during active periods and then rearm automatically after hours.
  • Standard on many types of Cat equipment.

Fatigue & Distraction Monitoring helps operators maintain their focus and stay alert during long shifts.

  • The Cat Driver Safety System uses specialized in-cab equipment and technology to monitor operator eye and head movement.
  • When a fatigue or distraction event occurs, the system vibrates the seat and sounds an alarm.
  • Reporting lets you track and monitor fatigue and distraction events for training and safety improvement programs.
  • Available for many on-highway and all off-highway trucks.