Advantage of Knowing Your Fleet through Cat® EMSolutions

Your equipment is the backbone of your business. Nowadays, the industry demands you to do more and work faster, while lowering your costs at the same time. But downtime is always an issue – and you can’t get away from it.

To keep your fleet efficiently running, Monark Equipment combined technology and its expert services to boost your job site efficiency through Equipment Management Solutions (EMSolutions).

EMSolutions is a portfolio of technology-enabled services focused on delivering equipment management solutions to customers in the heavy equipment industry.


The Only 360⁰ Condition Monitoring System in the Philippines

One look isn’t enough to identify and detect equipment problems. Most of the time, destructive things are not visible to the naked eye. Don’t just depend on incomplete data from GPS devices alone.

From access to basic data (e.g. equipment location, fuel utilization, PM Schedule), to real-time equipment vital signs (e.g. SOS Analysis), to summarized fleet reports, up to online parts ordering, EMSolutions provides an end-to-end solution. It integrates the 5 EM Elements (i.e. SOS fluid analysis, Service History, Electronic Data, Inspection and Site assessment) to provide you valuable advice right for your equipment’s needs.

We believe that you don’t just need data— what you need is hard facts about your equipment. And that’s what EMSolutions, together with our dedicated Condition Monitoring Analysts, is built for.


Benefits of EMSolutions

Overtime, equipment is becoming more and more complex— but that doesn’t need to mean complex spending, too.

No more surprises, whether costs or downtime. Detect a possible source of breakdown earlier than anyone else through EMSolutions’ advanced monitoring systems and take concrete steps to address them before they develop into major failures.

When you can see exactly where your machines are, and when they are due for maintenance, you can make better and more informed decisions. EMSolutions can help you find the best time to bring a machine down or when to move equipment around between jobs without having to compromise your productivity or deadline.

EMSolutions can tell you a lot not just about your equipment, but also about how well and how much your people are working. And how they should be working instead. Equipment data also helps you deal with day-to-day uncertainties more effectively, so that you can track everything from safety to security.

In Monark, we believe that we can extract more value on every peso you spend on your fleet. That is why we find ways to help you enhance productivity, reduce costs, improve safety and build a more sustainable, more successful business you aspire.


Tailor-fit to Your Needs

We understand that not all businesses are the same. The level and type of support you need is dependent on numerous different factors including size, type, location and even the culture of your operations.

EMSolutions has five progressive levels ranging from basic connection to your equipment’s electronic data, to complete, proactive management of your fleet. Choose the right amount of equipment management support you need and see your costs reduced.


Be well-informed and create timely equipment management decisions now. Learn how you can control costs, improve operations, and reduce risks with EMSolutions.