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Engine Parts

engine parts

Built to exact tolerances and undergo rigid testing.

Designed by Caterpillar to work and wear as a system, our engine parts deliver the product and efficiency you expect from a supreme machine and generator set.

While competition has a motive of low initial price, Cat parts are built to keep engines running over the long haul. Our strategy isn’t just to sell more parts but to keep our customers’ unit up and running and making a profit.

Caterpillar continuously make design modifications to update parts to reflect the latest advances in technology.

Assure top quality Cat parts, only built to strict tolerances and undergo rigid testing.


Remanufactured Parts

Caty Reman

Remanufactured to their original performance specifications, Cat Reman products perform even better because of its critical engineering build up since the component was first released.

Cat Reman Products contain only genuine Cat Parts and are remanufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities and follow the same Caterpillar high quality standards. By using strict process control throughout the cleaning, remanufacturing, assembly and testing processes, Cat Reman guarantees nothing but consistently high-quality products.

Purchase Cat® Reman products and experience its exceptional performance, as well as a new replacement part at a fraction of cost.


Classic Parts for Aged Machine and Engines

Cat Classic Parts

Cat Classic Parts are a value-priced repair alternative for owners of older Cat equipment.

Classic Parts is another line to complement Cat original, Cat Reman, dealer exchange, and used parts. Cat Classic Parts help you manage your owning and operating costs as the age and remaining value of your older Cat equipment creates the demand for a more economical repair option.