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The Benefits of Having a Backup Generator for Your Business

  A backup plan is essential. It’s not just a means to get things through when things don’t go according to the “plan”. Preparation is, after all a smart and better strategy. Power interruptions are more frequent than ever, due to the worsening rate of climate change thus, the unpredictable weather change. Given this, there…
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Common Generator Misconceptions And The Realities Behind It

    Common beliefs, hearsays, and unverified opinions must have no bearing especially when it comes to safety. Hence, even on using your generators, safety measure must also be taken care of. A lot of myths have spread out regarding the correct usage of generators. However, some of these are actually harmful and may even…
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CAT 226B3

CAT 426F2


CAT 306E2


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Unraveling the Cat Hybrid Microgrid Solutions

    Caterpillar continues to serve the world through its ground-breaking innovations that are sophisticated, functional, and relevant to the global industry needs. Aiming to integrate renewable energy across the world, Caterpillar developed an innovation that can lessen your operating costs for energy sources such as conventional fuel without harming the environment. The Cat Hybrid…
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The 11th Ka Eliong Memorial and Philippine Inter-town Golf Tournament

  Monark continue to support the 11th fund-raising tournament of Ka Eliong Memorial and Philippine Inter-Town Golf Tournament that was held last March 24 and 25 2017. The fund-raising tournament had benefited a total of 87 scholars which are 20 elementary pupils, 40 high school and 27 college students of Ka Eliong Foundation. Because of…
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Safety Tips on Handling Forklifts

      Safety should never be compromised. Every operator must not only be extremely cautious in operating the machine, but also needs to inspect the condition of the unit before and after using it. This will ensure that no accidents or injury will take place, which will also incur additional cost that will disrupt…
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