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The Benefits of Having a Backup Generator for Your Business

  A backup plan is essential. It’s not just a means to get things through when things don’t go according to the “plan”. Preparation is, after all a smart and better strategy. Power interruptions are more frequent than ever, due to the worsening rate of climate change thus, the unpredictable weather change. Given this, there…
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Common Generator Misconceptions And The Realities Behind It

    Common beliefs, hearsays, and unverified opinions must have no bearing especially when it comes to safety. Hence, even on using your generators, safety measure must also be taken care of. A lot of myths have spread out regarding the correct usage of generators. However, some of these are actually harmful and may even…
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CAT 226B3

CAT 426F2


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Tips When Buying Used Heavy Equipment in the Philippines

In recent years, the construction industry in the Philippines has seen a steady growth. The trend is expected to continue in the coming years. This resulted to a lot of upstarts in the construction and affiliated industries that triggered a rise in heavy equipment ownership. Instead of buying new equipment, many contractors have opted to…
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Advantage of Knowing Your Fleet through Cat® EMSolutions

Your equipment is the backbone of your business. Nowadays, the industry demands you to do more and work faster, while lowering your costs at the same time. But downtime is always an issue – and you can’t get away from it. To keep your fleet efficiently running, Monark Equipment combined technology and its expert services…
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Cat® 320D2 GC Hydraulic Excavator: New Fuel-Efficient Engine, Durable Design, Low Operating Costs

      The new Cat® 320D2 GC hydraulic excavator is engineered for low operating costs, simple routine maintenance, high productivity and long-term durability. Equipped with a four-cylinder, turbocharged Cat 3054CA engine, the new model is exceptionally fuel efficient, delivering fuel savings up to 19 percent, compared with the C7.1 engine on the 320D2. The…
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Bringing Solutions to the Growing Industry

For years, Monark Equipment has catered to the needs of the construction and mining industry. Being true to its mantra, ‘Committed to Your Success’, Monark expanded its product portfolio in order to serve the needs of the growing market. The product line of Monark Equipment now includes an array of European and American leading brands…
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Monark is Committed in the Philippine Mining Industry

Today, the demand for mined materials is greater than at any other time in history. As the demand for commodities grow, mining companies need a partner to support them in their efforts. A partner who understands the issues important to the mining industry — like safety, sustainability and productivity. And a partner with the equipment,…
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